Wireless Rate Plans Explained

There are many wireless plans to meet your needs:

Man holding Wireless Smartphone

What is the current special?

Each season, a new special is released by Tbaytel. It is always a great deal and most of our customers select the Current Special if they want a data plan.  The current special is generally the best plan for most customers' needs. However, we have many other options for you to explore. 

You may wonder what is best for you, your budget and your needs.

In this article, we will discuss choosing a device on a two year commitment, buying a device outright, and if you already own your device. All of those factors affect your wireless plan choices.   

Understanding the difference between a smartphone or a smartphone lite helps to understand the wireless plans. (Check out this infographic that explains SMART technology if you are interested in what SMART technology means.)

Smartphone Lite Option 

A Smartphone Lite will provide you an excellent option if your main goal is to be connected and spend as little money as possible on your device and your monthly wireless plan. We have a Smartphone Lite catalog so you can find and read about the Smartphone Lite devices we carry.

Smartphone Lite devices are less expensive than a smartphone, or discounted if you select Canada-Wide Voice and Text or Canada-Wide Voice & Data Lite for a two year commitment.

Let's imagine, you choose the popular Samsung Galaxy Core LTE Smartphone Lite as your phone.

You have two choices:   

  1. You buy the Samsung Core LTE for $224.99
  2. You pay $0 for the Samsung Core LTE on a two year commitment 

Let's Explore the Buying the Samsung Galaxy Core LTE for $224.99 

You own the phone, which gives you the flexibility to change your wireless plan any month. You can upgrade or downgrade at your discretion. All plans and choices are available to you. It also means that you will have to pay for the phone. 

Your other option for the Core LTE is getting this smartphone lite for free under a two year commitment 

We give you the phone for free but you also agree to a wireless plan for two years. The Smartphone Lite devices, can go on  the Canada-Wide Voice and Text Plans and the Canada-Wide Voice and Data Lite plans under a two year term. The best price is $20/month under the Voice and Text 20. If this suits your needs. It is a great deal. You would get the Core LTE for free and you could call and text for $20/month (Please read the plan details because you don't get unlimited calling but it might be fine for your needs.)  

As an aside, smartphones selected at the reduced rate for a two year term would not be eligible for the Canada-Wide Voice and Text and Canada-Wide Voice and Data Lite plans. (People who own their smartphone could choose these plans though. There are always differences between your options if you own a device or if you are on a two year term.) 

Smartphone Option

Most of the devices we carry are smartphones so there is a lot of choice.  You can choose to purchase a device or select the device at a discounted rate if you agree to a two year commitment. 

Let's Imagine you Purchase your Smartphone (or you already own a smartphone)

You can select any wireless plan you choose. And you can upgrade or downgrade or cancel your plan any month you wish. Also if you own your own device, you can request and receive a 10% discount on your wireless plan.  

Getting a smartphone at a discounted rate and with the two year commitment

This is the most popular option for people who want a smartphone. It's a great deal - especially if you like to use the Internet, get email, use your apps from anywhere.

The two year commitment on a smartphone does mean that you have to choose certain wireless plans. Every season, a NEW special plan is offered and almost everyone chooses this option for their wireless plan because it is always the best deal.

However, you are unique and for that reason, we also have a other options. You could select the North American Voice Plan with a Data Value Saver option, or you could select the Canada-Wide Voice and Data Share plan (share plans require a minimum of two lines).

QDo I need ID to get a wireless plan?

Yes, when signing up for a wireless plan, you need two pieces of ID. Here are the options we accept. 

  1. Driver's Licence
  2. Health Card
  3. Passport
  4. Enhanced Driver's Licence
  5. Status Card
  6. Enhanced Identification Card
  7. Ontario Photo Card 

To sign up for a business account, you need your Letters of Incorporation.



Plans and pricing are subject to change without notice. If there is a discrepancy, or error, between our website and the printed Tbaytel brochures, the Tbaytel brochure will be deemed as the accurate version. Please review plan details with your sales representative at the time of sign-up.