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As the cost of travel rises, conference calls in boardrooms, conference rooms, and even from our office phones are becoming a key component to the modern business world.

The most important aspect of business phones is clear intelligible communication. Polycom turned the conference call world on its head in 1992 with the unveiling of the SoundStation conference phone. Polycom’s crystal clear sound became the standard by which all other phones are judged.

Polycom has created a new generation of conference phones that leverage the most advanced technologies, materials, and algorithms. These phones take clarity and performance to a new level in today’s global teleconferencing.

Feels Like the Same Room

A phone conferencing system must deliver exceptional clarity for everyone on the call. Polycom HD Voice technology creates an amazing phone experience that makes you feel you are in the same room as your colleagues or customers.

No More Annoying Room Echo

Polycom’s integrated gain management will drastically reduce pickup from microphones that are not being used and will continuously monitor this background noise as the meeting progresses. This greatly reduces distracting and annoying room echo.

Cleared Sound with Less Background Noise

Lower priced conference phones use less-expensive omni-directional microphones. These microphones pick up all of the room noise which makes it extremely distracting and hard to hear what is being said. Polycom’s directional microphones deliver a crystal clear sound by filtering most of the noise and echo that comes from behind them.

Natural Meeting Interaction

Full-duplex technology allows multiple participants to speak simultaneously without cutting off each other. This enables everyone in the meeting to engage normally.

Enhanced Speakerphone Capability

The standard speakerphone has only one microphone and no echo cancellation. This mono-directional design is for only one person sitting directly in front of the phone. When these traditional speakerphones are used in meetings, the sound quality is typically very poor. Polycom HD Voice delivers greater volume of sound over the network. This bi-directional design dramatically boosts intelligibility and ability to identify who is talking via speakerphone.

Being heard clearly is crucial to any business meeting. The difficulty in choosing the right conference phone for your company is understanding the unique communication challenges your employees face. Teleco will help you find the right conferencing solution for your meeting needs.

Contact us today to learn more about Polycom’s conference phone capabilities. Or ask us about trying the conference phones in our boardroom.


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