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Training—Getting to Know your New Phones

Helping Your Employees Understand and Enjoy Your New Phones

Switching to new technology in the office can sometimes be a major challenge, and learning how to use it only leads to delays in your work time. It can certainly be that way when you're upgrading your phones to digital and you're new to it all after using old landlines for years.

Here at TELECO™, we understand these challenges and make it our priority to make any transition to new phones less stressful. We do this by helping you choose which phones you really need in your company, providing proper training on how to use them, plus excellent support afterward when you need additional help.

This works better with our association through Avaya, one of the leaders in telecommunications technology. As a result, we offer superior Avaya business phone support so you truly get the most out of your new phones. You'll never have to worry about your employees being stuck on particular features, hence eliminating any chance of downtime in a day.

We're here to provide various types of support any time of the day (or night) since we're aware of how many companies operate 24/7. In the end, you'll be able to fully enjoy the tremendous reliability and features of all Avaya products we carry.

24/7 Emergency Hotline

Not all telecommunications providers have a 24/7 hotline you can call for immediate help if something goes awry with your phones. While Avaya phones are the best in the industry, technical issues are inevitable once in a while. Rather than worry about who to contact for help if you're running your business at night as well as the day, you remove any stress you previously had.

With our round-the-clock emergency number, someone is always there to help you deal with any technical problem. As part of this, we also have remote assistance, which is already such a vital part of managed IT services. All this requires is an Internet line and our technicians can work remotely to fix many common problems.

This works well when you have problems with your new business phone system, video conferencing equipment etc. However, we know that sometimes the problem isn't technical and rather confusion on how to use particular features.

It's only natural this could happen if you've used the same analog phone technology for perhaps the last two decades. Many of the phones from Avaya have more features than you can count. Because of this, we provide support for Avaya phones through other ways to help you find a feature in minutes rather than puzzling away or second-guessing for hours.

Avaya Quick Guides

You'll appreciate our quick guide manuals for all Avaya phones and how well-organized they are for immediate reference. We have them available online so you can find what you need in seconds. In the quick guides, you'll find easy-to-read details on common features that you're likely to use first.

When you see the guides, you'll see simple bullet point formatting on how to add contacts, set up voice mail, and make calls. You'll even see more advanced features like conferencing, transfers, and redirects.

These quick guides are available for both digital and IP phones. You also have complete manuals available on the same page with simplified categorization to find the most obscure feature.

How-to Videos

We know how much of a visual culture we live in, and it's why our how-to videos have a guarantee of helping you understand any phone feature you need. Featuring a clearly understood narrator, you can follow right along with the video on going into your menu and setting certain functions. Many of the how to training videos for Avaya and NEC are short since we know you're short of time when you need to learn something in a hurry.


Contact us here at TELECO™ to find out more about our support for Avaya or NEC products. When you choose us and Avaya or NEC technology, you're evolving your business for today's competitive challenges.


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