Teleco Club

Teleco Club service call

Teleco Club is an Office Phone System Maintenance Package

Benefits of Teleco Club:

  1. Immediate on-site service.  You need us, we are there.  (Immediate means within two hours.) 
  2. Automatic service issue alerts sent directly to Teleco. The programmed system "sees" a problem and issues an alert anytime, day or night. The on-call service technician receives an alert and he can often fix the issue remotely, without any disruption to your business. Customers without Teleco Club would not get these kind of behind-the-scenes service notifications because it requires extra options to be put into place. Teleco Club alerts can let us know when some pieces of hardware equipment is starting to show signs of trouble.
  3. Priority remote programming and service for quicker response times. You "jump" to the front of the service schedule. And since we have set up remote tools at part of Teleco Club, we can often work on your system remotely. This saves even more time as you don't even have to wait for a service technician to drive to your business.
  4. Advanced Replacement of Hardware with Minimal Downtime. We stock parts to match your system. This means you don't even have to wait for "next-day" delivery.  For example, if you had a card failure that means all phone lines are down while you wait for a replacement card. With Teleco Club, we stock your system card.  
  5. Service and Feature Pack upgrades, as required. Avaya releases software upgrades and without Teleco Club, a software upgrade would include a fee for installation. With Teleco Club, your software upgrades are installed for free. (The software itself costs money. We install it at no charge.) 
  6. Routine Maintenance and System Back-ups. Yearly pro-active maintenance and back-up of your system. This would back up auto-attendant changes or line changes etc.
  7. $20 discount/hour for moves, adds, changes and a $10 discount/hour on cabling.

Teleco Club Questions

Doesn't my new office phone system come with a manufacturer's warranty?

It sure does but the Teleco Club offers benefits and discounts not available with the standard warranty. 

When can I buy Teleco Club?

If you buy Teleco Club at the time you purchase your phone system, you get all of Teleco Club's benefits in year one but you only pay for years two and three.

Can I put the cost of Teleco Club into my leasing?

Yes and this is a popular option. We sell excellent systems but things can wrong, even with the best products on the market. Customers often roll Teleco Club into their leasing because "who wants to pay for a leased system that has died"? 

How much is Teleco Club?

Price of Teleco Club depends on the price of your phone system. We have to quote on Teleco Club after we determine your business phone system needs. 

Any other details?

Good for a 1-year term from date of purchase. Minimum block of hours is 10. Blocks of hours are invoiced out at half-hour increments. Blocks of hours do not include parts and labour.