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    Samsung Galaxy S8+

    Samsung Galaxy S8+ Overview

    If you are looking for a high quality flagship Android phone then the Samsung Galaxy S8+ may be the one for you! Completely redesigned from the previous versions of the Samsung family.

    Screen and body design

    The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is completely redesigned from all previous Samsung models. One of the major design improvements in this years model is the all new full body screen and the removal of the physical home button! The new screen is a full 6.2 inches, meaning you have more real estate for your games and picture and videos! The S8+ is also given an IP68 certification meaning that it is completely dust proof and is resistant to water ingress up to a few metres. In addition to the elemental resistance, Samsung chose to manufacture the S8+ with two very aesthetically pleasing colours: Midnight Black and Orchid Grey.


    The Samsung S8+ features some very powerful hardware under the hood. The phone is powered by a 3500 mAh battery up from 3000 in the S7. This makes for increased battery life when using the phone to its full potential. In addition to the battery, the S8+ sports an incredibly fast processor & 4GB of RAM which is capable of running any app or program with ease. The new Samsung S8+ Processor is the incredibly fast Exynos 8895 Octa-Core meaning everything you use for phone for will be ridiculously fast and smooth.

    Incredible camera quality

    The S8+ is equipped with a brand new camera module which changed a few things from previous Galaxy models. They have kept the megapixel count at 12MP from the S7. Most people assume that this means a decrease in overall picture quality but that is not the case at all. The pixels themselves are actually larger which means that the auto focus can lock onto your target much faster than before resulting in much sharper images more often. Also the camera software and lenses have be updated to make it one of the clearest cameras in a phone. Samsung has kept the aperture to f/1.7, resulting in the camera being able to absorb more light and increasing the picture quality in low light situations. Another nice feature of the S8+ camera is the actual app itself. From the moment you tap on the camera icon the phone is able to load the camera almost instantly, making capturing that moment much quicker and easier than before.

    High-tech features

    As with most Android phones, the S8+ comes equipped with some nifty gadgets. One of the features is the new USB-C charging port that allows you to plug it in either way, no more having to struggle with the charge cord. In addition to this, the S8+ has the expandable storage feature allowing up to 256GB of extra storage. This allows the user to install a memory card which can be used to store pictures and media files. Another feature that is sometimes overlooked is the wireless charging support. Not only is this very convenient but also adds a bit of peace of mind in the off chance that the devices USB port becomes damaged, the user would still have the ability to charge their device. The newest feature that has yet to be seen on any other smartphone is the new Iris/Facial scanner. This new high-tech feature allows you to unlock your phone by scanning your iris or face, allowing you quicker access to your phone. No more need to remember a password, PIN or pattern.


    If you are the type of person who really loves cutting edge technology and likes the ability to completely customize your gadgets then the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is the phone for you. With some of the most powerful hardware out there, there is almost nothing this device can’t do that any other competitor can. From the advanced camera features to the raw processing power your S8+ will be able to churn through any task you throw at it!