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    Samsung Galaxy S6 SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy S6 SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy S6 SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone


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    Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: A Perfect Example of What a True Smartphone Should Look Like, Feel and Function 

    Overview: Samsung Galaxy S6

    There are very few Smartphones in the market today capable of matching the S6's sleek premium metal & glass design coupled with a streamlined profile and curved lines. If you’re looking for a Smartphone with an unmatched look and feel, look no further. Samsung really went overboard designing this phone. They put in many other great features to match the amazing design. Below is a detailed review for you highlighting more in-depth information as to why the Galaxy S6 towers above most Smarphones in the market today.

    1. Streamlined design

    Aesthetics have always been part of Smartphone design but no Smartphone maker has nailed it like Samsung. The Samsung S6 is a true representation of what a streamlined Smartphone should look and feel thanks to its curved lines and streamlined profile. The premium metal & glass used to make the phone also enhance the streamlined look as well as boost the aesthetic appeal of the phone. In the end, you have a phone that looks and feels amazing!

    2. Superior performance

    Today’s ideal Smartphone isn’t complete without outstanding performance. The Samsung S6 Galaxy is a true Smartphone thanks to its 64-bit octa-core processor which performs faster than any previous Samsung Smartphone. If you happen to be a movie and gaming fanatic, the sleek Samsung Galaxy S6 will offer you an amazing experience. Gaming, browsing and watching movies has never been more immersive in a Smartphone. No more waiting!

    3. Amazing photo capabilities

    The picture capability of many Smartphone brands has been wanting before the Galaxy S6. As most phone manufacturers slowly enhanced Smartphone design one feature at a time, Smartphone cameras have suffered greatly. Not anymore! The Galaxy S6 takes clearer pictures quicker than most Smartphones available in the market today. Thanks to features like the quick launch, you never have to miss a moment again. The Galaxy S6 take pictures in a record 0.7 seconds and that’s not all. The camera has other amazing features i.e. fast object tracking that makes shooting much easier. For instance, you don’t need to select the object you are shooting. You just need to press the shatter. The front facing 5MP camera is equally good thanks to features like the HDR selective focus that allows you to take crystal clear and brighter selfies.

    4. Fast charging (with a wireless charging option)

    Do you feel like you take too much time charging your Smartphone? If yes, the Galaxy S6 will be the perfect phone for you. Most Smartphones run out of charge faster than regular mobile phones which is totally understandable because of their amazing features. You shouldn’t however wait for more than a few minutes for your Smartphone to be charged adequately. Unfortunately, this has been the case with most Smartphones in the market. Not anymore. The Galaxy S6 gets you up to 4 hours of phone-usage time after charging for just 10 minutes. It gets better! You can charge the phone wirelessly which gets rid of all the fussy charger cables. You however need to invest in a charging pad to enjoy this benefit. Totally worth it!


    From the above information, Samsung's Galaxy S6 clearly stands out in regards to performance, design, photo/picture capabilities and charging. The Smartphone has many more superior features such as an amazing display (5.1 inch Quad HD Super-Amoled display -- Amoled stands for active-matrix organic light emitting diode), enhanced security (KNOX fingerprint scanner), smart manager (which allows you to manage the Smartphone better) and many more features. The GalaxyS6 undoubtedly comes highly recommended to anyone out there looking for a true Smartphone.

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