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    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone


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    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: The Best Samsung Smartphone Available in the Market Currently


    The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge stands out for many things the most notable being design. The Galaxy S6 Edge clearly lives up to its name with its curved lines and streamlined profile that offers a very sophisticated silhouette. If you’re looking for a Samsung Smartphone with the most striking futuristic look in the market today, the Galaxy S6 is definitely your best bet. Most Smartphones in the market today feature common designs. The Galaxy S6 is one of the few exceptions. For this and more reasons why you should really consider this Smartphone upgrade, below is an in-depth discussion on some of the top S6 Edge features.

    Top features

    1. Striking streamlined design

    As mentioned above, the Galaxy S6 Edge has a striking design. Unlike most Smartphones in the market today, the S6 Edge is made of premium metal and glass. The Smartphone also has a streamlined profile and curved lines which makes it look breathtaking and sophisticated. The S6 Edge isn’t like any other Smartphone in the entire Samsung Galaxy collection. The phone’s striking appearance matches the feel and this has been attested by numerous Galaxy S6 Edge reviews online.

    2. High-tech screen

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge also has a superior screen to match its striking streamlined design. The phone features the best display ever i.e. Vivid colours and dramatic contrast. This guarantees crystal clear views even in sunlight. You can view images, documents and videos perfectly outside in broad daylight thanks to the S6 Edge’s 5.1 inch Quad HD Super-Amoled display. No more straining to view your phone when you are outside in broad daylight.

    3. Superior performance

    If you thought your current Smartphone was fast, wait till you use the S6 Edge which features a real 64-bit octa core processor. This processor makes the S6 Edge faster than any other Samsung Smartphone in the market today. The phone is perfect for a richer and more immersive gaming and browsing experience. You can download, browse as well as open multiple applications simultaneously without slowing down the phone. The Galaxy S6 also shows superior performance in regards to battery life. For instance, you can watch a full HD movie continuously on a fully charged battery. Most Smartphones in the market today can’t last for an hour let alone two hours when playing HD movies.

    4. Superior camera

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge doesn’t stand out because of its design, screen and performance only. The phone’s camera is equally impressive. The 16 MP CMOS main camera and 5MP CMOS front camera offer crystal clear pictures in record time. If you’re tired of blurred slow Smartphone cameras, the S6 Edge will really come in handy. The phone has a quick launch feature which ensures you never miss a single moment. Unlike other Smartphone main cameras (which take edges to capture photos), the S6 Edge camera is ready in less than 0.7 seconds and that’s not all.

    The camera has other amazing features such as fast object tracking which means you just need to press the shutter. There’s no need to waste time selecting whatever you are shooting. The S6 Edge front-facing camera has equally impressive features. For instance, the camera features a real-time, shadow reduced (HDR) selective focus which is the first of its kind in any front-facing Smartphone camera worldwide. This amazing feature allows you to take the clearest and brightest selfies imaginable. If you’re keen on taking your selfie game to the next level, the Galaxy S6 Edge will help you do just that.

    5. Unmatched multitasking capabilities

    The phone’s multitasking capabilities are also above board. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has a multi window which makes multitasking very easy. You can open two applications side by side and switch between them at will. You can also watch YouTube videos while surfing the internet, checking your social media and social calendar all at the same time. This kind of multitasking capability is unheard off.

    6. Fast high-tech charging

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge also solves a common Smartphone problem i.e. slow charging. You can get up to four hours of battery time by charging your phone for 10 minutes only. It gets better! The S6 Edge has wireless charging capabilities. All you need to do is place the phone on a charging pad. No more charging cables/wires.

    7. Enhanced security

    The S6 Edge also has enhanced security features i.e. KNOX; a fingerprint scanner which ensures you are the only one who has access to your phone. You never have to worry again about someone stealing your security code/unlock pattern and gaining access to sensitive information/data in your phone.


    The above information summarises some of the most outstanding features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Considering there are many other impressive features i.e. the new smart manager app which allows you to manage your Smartphone better and the phone has countless positive reviews online praising all it's aspects from the features to the design and performance, the Samsung S6 Edge is definitely a strong buy.

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