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    Introducing the LG G6, the first smartphone with a 2:1 display and specialized G6 Game Collection. LG has also teamed up with Dolby Laboratories for Dolby Vision, which ensures the content on your phone is being displayed in the best way possible. Backing up the amazing display, the G6’s dual 13MP rear camera makes sure all of life’s moments are captured in incredible quality. With the inclusion of water and dust resistance, you can take the G6 almost anywhere that life brings you and have peace of mind. And now with Google Assistant, the G6 can be used almost exclusively with voice commands. All these features and more are sure to make sure the LG G6 is one of the flagship smartphones 2017.

    Top Features

    1. Display

    With the inclusion of Dolby Vision, the G6’s display is transformed into a viewing masterpiece with rich contrast and brilliant colours. The 5.7” display boasts a ludicrous 18:9 display, 80% screen-to-body ratio and a Quad HD+ resolution. With 4 times more than the standard 720p HD resolution, the G6 has a crystal clear 2,560x 1,440 pixel screen, making sure your favourite movies and photos are shown in all their glory.

    2. Camera

    Following the new standard for elite smartphones, the G6 has two rear facing cameras. Where the G6 exceeds is the fact they are both 13MP wide angle lenses, allowing for an impressive 125 capture angle so nothing gets left out of the shot. Not to be outdone, the 5MP wide angle camera is perfect for selfies, automatically snapping a shot as soon as a face is in frame and in focus. The G6 is definitely a frontrunner for best cameras on the market.

    3. Durability

    The G6 isn’t your typical smartphone that’s toast once you get it wet. With an IP68 rating, the LG G6 is dust and water resistant up 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. So go ahead and live your life without worrying about of your phone is going to be okay, the G6 can keep up.

    4. Square Camera

    Square Camera isn’t just formatting your photo into a square. Using the feature Snapshot feature you can preview the photo you just took without leaving the camera app. With Guide shot, you can use other great photos as a layout for your own. And Match Shot lets you create unique photos by combining two different photos. If you cant decide on just one photo, Grid Shot allows you to use a 2x2 grid to showcase 4 of your best shots. With the G6 and Square Camera, you have plenty of options to showcase your skills as a photographer.

    5. Google Assistant

    Balancing your work and social life doesn’t have to be a solo task. With the Google Assistant, you can send texts, answer emails and set up your calender all with a few voice commands. Or perhaps you were wondering how the weather was or if the Raptors won last night? Powered by Google, The G6 is able to find and display the information as quickly as your connection allows. Google Assistant can even help with the basics like changing a song or loading up that new show on Netflix.

    6. G6 Game Collection

    With a special 2:1 display comes a special suite of games that can take advantage of it. When you get your G6, you also get a deluxe package of bonus and add-ons for some of the best games on the Google Playstore. For Crossy Road you will unlock a Deluxe Figurine Bundle, while Spider-Man Unlimited has a Spidey Black Rival Special Bundle. Four other games get this special treatment: Temple Run 2, Sim City BuildIt, Cookie Jam, and Genie Gems. All these bundles are sure to make your gaming start off with a massive boost.

    LG has once again established itself as a serious contender in the competitive smartphone industry with the release of the G6. Photographers will be glad to hear that the G6 boasts two 13MP rear facing cameras and wide angled 5MP front facing camera, while gaming enthusiast will enjoy the G6 collection of games. With a beautiful Quad Hd+ display and 2:1 ratio, the LG G6 showcases brilliance colours and contrast for everyday use to your media viewing pleasure. Boasting an IP68 rating, the G6 is a smartphone that isn’t afraid of where you’re going and what you’re doing. And with new software features such as Google assistant and Square Photo, the LG G6 is not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside.