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    LG G4 Smartphone: The Newest and Best LG Smartphone in The Market Currently


    LG fanatics (and Smartphone lovers in general) have a very good reason to smile. The new LG G4 Smartphone is nothing short of amazing when you compare the phone with the latest Smartphones in the market today. If you thought Smartphone innovation had reached its peak especially with LG, think again. LG has been lagging behind on visual experience and design for a while. The new LG G4 Smartphone bridges this gap perfectly with its exceptional visual experience features and many other features.

    The Smartphone has a groundbreaking camera and display as well as a cutting edge design and fabrication coupled with a classic touch. LG was looking to design an inspirational Smartphone that borrows and adds to all the outstanding Smartphone features out there. The results are nothing short of amazing and here’s why:

    Top features

    1. Visual brilliance

    This is undoubtedly one of the best features of the LG G4 that sets the Smartphone light years ahead of its competition. The 5.5 inch IPS Quantum HD display (2560 x 1440, 538 ppi) is like nothing you’ve seen in any LG Smartphone and most high-end Smartphones in the market today. The LG G4 screen is brighter, more colourful and has more contrast. It’s undoubtedly the boldest/most brilliant Smartphone by LG so far in regards to visuals.

    LG utilized IPS Quantum technology to make a screen have unmatched colour accuracy. The technology also gives the phone impressive contrast ratios allowing an unmatched level of detail. In regards to pixels, the LG G4 screen has a higher resolution than the new iPhone 6 plus given the fact that you have over 3.5 million pixels at your disposal.

    2. Outstanding main and front-facing camera

    The LG G4’s outstanding visual experience continues with a 16MP camera equipped with a rear sensor. The camera lens on this Smartphone is the 1st of its kind considering it has an f/1.8 aperture. This is an exceptionally large aperture for any Smartphone. This kind of feature is only present in the best digital cameras today. Not anymore!

    You can enjoy faster shutter speeds like never before which guarantee sharper and clearer images in any kind of light (from bright sunny days to dull nights). You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos from now onwards. The LG G4 Smartphone makes you a pro photographer instantly with this great feature and many more i.e. laser autofocus, optical image stabilization, manual mode and its high resolution image sensors.

    The front-facing camera (popularly known as the selfie camera today) also has outstanding features. For instance, this 8MP camera has a sensor colour spectrum that helps you take one-of-a-kind selfies with accurate colour and improved white balance. This feature will definitely take your selfie-game to the next level when you consider other features of the camera i.e. a selfie light as well as a gesture shutter and view feature. It doesn’t get better than this when talking about the best front-facing cameras in the market today. In fact, the front-facing camera is good enough to be a main (rear-facing camera).

    3. Unmatched video capabilities

    The LG G4 also stands out in terms of video capabilities thanks to its UHD video capture feature. LG recognizes that videos are more powerful than pictures when it comes to capturing memories which is why they took their time to enhance the video capabilities of the LG G4 Smartphone. The phone lets you record videos in ultra high definition. You can also send 4k videos from your Smartphone to your HDMI enabled TV. Such capabilities were only reserved for laptops and tablets before.

    4. Unmatched power

    The LG G4 has more than enough power to support its amazing features. According to numerous reviews online, the phone balances speed and endurance perfectly with its 3,000mAh removable battery which is powerful enough to run its Qualcomm 800-series processor smoothly, amazing display features as well as support it's 2TB microSD expandable memory.

    5. Smart notice feature

    The smart notice feature also stands out. If you’re one of those busy individuals who likes automated updates/reminders, this feature will blow your mind away. The smart notice feature is an intelligent feature that learns as well as adapts to your interests and needs providing you with suggestions and resources that make your life more productive/easier. Smart notice will help you become organized, stay on tasks, keep in touch with your family and friends without missing important events/updates i.e. business meetings, weather information etc.


    The above information summarizes why the LG G4 Smartphone is the best LG Smartphone in the market today. Although there are many other features that make the Smartphone outstanding i.e. sleek design with genuine leather finish available, smart power save feature etc., the above features are enough to convince any LG fanatic (and Smartphone lover for that matter) to consider an upgrade.

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