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    Blackberry Priv: The Best of both Worlds


    Not since Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen has the world seen such a powerful combination as the Android operating system on a Blackberry device. Introducing the Blackberry’s new flagship smartphone, the Blackberry Priv. By partnering with Google, Blackberry has brought its proven security to the most popular operating system, all within a sleek and stylish smartphone.With some of the best hardware on the market and the amalgamation of Android and the best features from Blackberry, the Priv is sure to be a slam-dunk.

    Android Operating System

    Forgoing the Blackberry OS for the more robust and customizable Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the Priv is the first of the new line of Blackberry phones that utilize Android. With the Google Play store, the Priv can take advantage of over 1 million different applications never before seen on a Blackberry Device. The Priv also comes equipped with its own apps unique to Blackberry: such as the familiar Blackberry Hub, and the new Intelligent Calendar. From joining conference calls to answering emails, Blackberry Hub and Widgets makes navigating the Priv a breeze.

    Enhanced Security

    The Priv comes fully loaded with enhanced security monitoring at a glance with the new DTEK app. DTEK tracks your applications and notifies you when any suspicious activity is logged on your phone. If your privacy is at risk, DTEK will alert you and also recommend the proper course of action to improve your security. The Priv also comes loaded with Password Keeper and Picture Keeper, so your most important information is encrypted. With Blackberry’s security on an Android phone you can focus on what’s important and let your phone handle the rest.

    Slide-out Keyboard

    The Priv brings the best of both worlds again with a virtual keyboard and a physical keyboard that has become a staple of Blackberry devices. Slide out the keyboard for a more accurate and tactile experience, while also freeing up the screen. With powerful predictive text and programmable shortcuts, typing out a long email or short text is fast and efficient.

    Crystal Clear Display

    Whether its for catching up on your Netflix series or looking over spreadsheets, the Blackberry Priv delivers an amazing OLED 5.4” dual curve display.With over 4x the pixel quality of an HD TV and protected by the famous Gorilla Glass 4, the Priv has one of the best screens of any smartphone on the market. And due to the OLED display, the Priv has deeper and richer colours while still using less battery power. Just another great feature you can look forward to with the Blackberry Priv.

    Massive Battery Life

    Who says size doesn’t matter? The Priv delivers one of the biggest power supplies on the market with a 3410 mAh battery. Using the phone’s beautiful display, you can view your battery charge status without waking your phone from sleep mode. So feel free to use your phone all day long with up 22.5 hours of mixed usage.

    Shutterbugs Rejoice

    Forget what you know about Blackberry cameras and say hello to the new 18 MP dual flash camera by Schneider-Kreuznach. With a wide variety of professional settings such as exposure control and live colours filters, the photographer in you can get the most out of your photos. Don’t want to mess around with settings? No problem. Features like Phase Detection Auto Focus and dual colour flash make photos fast and easy while still giving blur-free realistic photos.

    Specs to Impress

    With all these features it’s hard to imagine how thin and sleek the Priv is.At only 147mm x 77.2mm x 9.4mm and a mere 192 grams, the phone is surprisingly thin and light while still boasting a massive battery and huge display.

    Inside the phone you’ll find the powerful Qualcomm 8992 Snapdragon 808 Hexa-Core processor and 3GB of RAM. And with 32GB of flash storage backed by an expandable memory of up to a whopping 2 terabytes, don’t worry about ever running out of room to store your music and photos.


    When the most popular operating system and the best smartphone security come together with some of the best hardware on the market you get the best Blackberry ever created. From sending your friend a text, to sending your boss an email, the Priv is guaranteed to get the job done, regardless if its for business or pleasure.


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