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    The Best Smartphone Available Today For Business People

    Why should you limit yourself to today’s typical Smartphone?

    Although most Smartphones on sale today appear to be fully functional, this isn’t the case.

    Look at it this way; you’re a business person.

    Does today’s typical Smartphone allow you to read long emails without endless scrolling?

    Can you view as well as edit word documents, spreadsheets and presentations easily with a typical Smartphone?

    If your answer is no to all the above questions, you really need to consider buying the Blackberry Passport as your next Smartphone.

    Blackberry designed the Blackberry Passport Smartphone with the typical business person in mind. The Smartphone is designed to solve common problems business people have with regular Smartphones. Blackberry has done this in a number of ways discussed below.

    Top features

    1. Larger and wider touch screen: 

    Blackberry installed a larger and wider touch screen (4.5 inch diagonal, 1:1 aspect ratio) on the Blackberry Passport allowing you to view your emails, edit presentations and spreadsheets among many other documents at ease without endless scrolling. The large screen also comes handy when traveling. You can find map details to your clients’ offices faster and easily. You never have to run late because you can't find details to your client’s office fast.

    2. Touch-sensitive intelligent keyboard: 

    Blackberry has also installed a touch-sensitive keyboard to allow seamless editing and scrolling when performing all tasks with the phone. It gets better! The Blackberry Passport has an intelligent keyboard with a personalized learning engine which masters how you type. How cool is that?

    3. Superior camera and video capabilities: You can also take high quality photos with clients, take videos of presentations, name it! There’s actually no need to carry an expensive camera and video recorder to a client meeting/presentation once you have the Blackberry Passport Smartphone. The 13 Megapixel auto focus camera with 1080p HD video recording capabilities is capable of taking high quality pictures and videos. The 2MP front camera with fixed-focus is capable of taking great selfies with clients and colleagues.

    4. Stainless steel frame: 

    The Blackberry Passport also comes reinforced with a stainless steel frame. You don’t therefore have to worry about dropping and destroying your phone.

    5. Super comfortable soft touchback: 

    The phone also comes with a diamond pattern soft touchback for unmatched comfort and grip when using the phone.

    6. Sizeable: 

    The Blackberry Passport is also sizeable i.e. it can fit in your pocket with ease. The Smartphone measures 5.17 by 3.56 by 0.36 inches in height, width and depth respectively which is way smaller than your typical tablet which isn’t as functional. The Smartphone is also considered lightweight by many considering it weights just 205g which is lighter than most Smartphones in the market today with smaller screens.

    7. Other superior features: There’s more. 

    The Blackberry Passport also has a superior resolution i.e. 1440 by 1440, 24-bit color depth, 453 PPI which offers more than amazing displays. The Smartphone can also be synchronized with computing devices allowing easy and fast sharing of data and media. The Smartphone’s performance is also superior considering the phone has a 3GB RAM which is expandable. The battery life is also unmatched because you get 30 hours for mixed use. You can talk, take videos, play audio/video for hours without worrying about charging the phone. The Blackberry also accepts all multimedia file formats you can think off on top of accepting all network bands from FM radio to Bluetooth 4.0 low energy.

    See all full specifications on Blackberry's website.


    Nothing more needs to be said about the Blackberry Passport Smartphone. In case you are wondering which Smartphone you should buy next, the Blackberry.

    A Video Overview

    Blackberry Passport Silver Edition Unboxing and Video Overview

    Is the Blackberry Passport the smartphone for you?

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