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    Blackberry Leap SmartphoneBlackberry Leap SmartphoneBlackberry Leap Smartphone

    Blackberry Leap Smartphone

    BlackBerry Leap Smartphone: The Best Smartphone Today For Start-up Owners 

    Overview: BlackBerry Leap Smartphone

    BlackBerry made the BlackBerry Leap with start-up owners in mind. The Smartphone was designed to give start-up owners an unmatched competitive edge in all aspects from battery life and security to modern and powerful design features. There are many online reviews attesting to the fact that the BlackBerry Leap lives up to its name. Below is a more detailed discussion on why you should consider this Smartphone if you are a startup owner.

    Top features

    Unmatched security/privacy

    Start-ups face serious security/privacy challenges and it’s up to start-up owners to safeguard the security and privacy of their businesses if they are keen on surviving the start-up faze. Smartphones have become more important than laptops and desktop computers today for obvious reasons i.e. we spend more time with our Smartphones today computing i.e. sending emails, surfing the web etc. Security/privacy challenges must therefore be addressed from Smartphones first. Unfortunately, most Smartphones don’t offer the kind of security/privacy features needed by start-up owners.

    This is where the BlackBerry Leap Smartphone comes in handy. If you’re keen on safeguarding your messages, emails, banking information, work data, personal data etc., look no further. The BlackBerry Leap was specially designed to safeguard your security/privacy thanks to features such as built-in malware, encryption support, back-up as well as wipe and restore features. These features give you all the power and control you need to avoid common security/privacy problems like data theft, cyber-attacks etc. The BlackBerry leap gives you unmatched peace of mind when it comes to security and privacy challenges enabling you to concentrate on building your business.

    Fantastic keyboard

    The BlackBerry Leap boasts of having the best-in-class keyboard of all business-friendly Smartphones in the market today. The Smartphone features an intelligent keyboard that learns how you type. The keyboard also has other impressive features i.e. incredible speed and accuracy which translates to an effortless typing experience. The BlackBerry Leap also has personalized next-word suggestions that make typing faster than ever before. Considering start-up owners barely have enough time to do anything, the BlackBerry Leap Smartphone keyboard comes highly recommended.

    Incredibly powerful battery

    The last thing a start-up owner wants is to be unreachable during working hours. BlackBerry went out to find a permanent solution to battery life problems experienced by many heavy Smartphone users like start-up owners. The BlackBerry Leap Smartphone features a powerful 2800mAh battery that is optimized to maximize battery life during heavy use. Unlike most Smartphones in the market today, you can use the BlackBerry Leap continuously for up to 25 hours without charging. This simply means the Smartphone has enough power to take you through the most demanding days. The Smartphone also has impressive audio playback and video playback hours i.e. 80 hours and 9.5 hours respectively.

    Fast/powerful web browsing

    The BlackBerry Leap Smartphone is also equipped with an unmatched browser i.e. the BlackBerry 10 browser which is the best of its kind in any Smartphone today. The browser is amazingly fast featuring unlimited browser tabs which is exactly what you need as a business start-up owner.


    There’s plenty more to the BlackBerry Leap Smartphone. For instance, the Smartphone turbo-charges your productivity thanks to features like BBM which let you chat as well as share with unmatched speed, control and privacy which is unheard off with other IM apps. Features such as BBM Meetings allow you to schedule, host as well as participate in meetings with ease using enhanced collaboration features. The BlackBerry leap also has incredible features for mastering and managing your messages across all platforms. When you consider other great features i.e. an incredible 5 inch HD display, ample storage (16GB), magnificent camera among many other features, it’s easy to see why the BlackBerry Leap Smartphone is the best Smartphone out there in the market today for start-up owners.

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