Blackberry Classic Smartphone

  • Blackberry Classic Smartphone from Teleco in Thunder Bay
    Blackberry Classic Smartphone

    Blackberry Classic Smartphone

    The Best Blackberry Smartphone Upgrade for Blackberry Diehards 

    If you thought your current Blackberry Smartphone was powerful, think again! The Blackberry Classic Smartphone has power you couldn’t imagine.

    If you’re tired of a slow browser and slow Smartphones in general which can’t handle multiple tasks at once, look no further. The Blackberry Classic has been specifically made to give you more time doing important tasks and less time waiting.

    You can browse, run downloads, chat online while editing documents and presentations without slowing down the phone. So what makes the Blackberry Classic Smartphone so fast? Here’s the reason and many other reasons why the Smartphone stands out.

    1. The Smartphone has a new Blackberry 10 OS: 

    The Blackberry Classic features a new operating system which is built to utilize multiple processor cores to the maximum enabling you to enjoy unmatched power and speed compared to previous Blackberry OS generations. You can browse three times faster with the new OS. The browser has in fact been rated among the best mobile browsers by

    2. Longer battery life: 

    The Blackberry Classic Smartphone also boasts of having a longer battery life (50% more battery life) than predecessors like the Blackberry Bold 9900 which is still among the best Smartphones out there in regards to battery life. You can use the Blackberry Classic continuously all day without running out of charge. How awesome is that especially if you are a busy business person who relies heavily on your Smartphone to transact business? Read about battery saving tips for your Blackberry.

    3. More screen space: 

    It gets better! The Blackberry Classic Smartphone has a bigger screen (3.5 inch touch screen) which offers 60 percent more screen space compared to other great Blackberry Smartphones like the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Blackberry lovers have always wished for more screen space. Wish no more! You can perform computing tasks more comfortably from your Blackberry Classic. No more endless scrolling.

    4. More megapixels

    The Smartphone also has amazing front and rear cameras. The rear camera has 8MP while the front has 2MP which is more than enough to take perfect pictures when you consider the phone’s creative camera features such as time shift mode, intelligent scene detection and HDR. You can capture amazing moments as you travel for business. There’s absolutely no need to invest in a digital camera when you buy the Blackberry Classic.

    5. More storage space: 

    The Blackberry Classic also has an unmatched storage space of 144GB (What is a GB?) which is 104 GB more than the capacity of the Blackberry Bold 9900. This is another great reason to upgrade. Once you get the Blackberry Classic, you never need to delete anything from your phone again. You can turn your phone into your mini-laptop carrying everything you need with you when you are away on business trips.


    You couldn’t ask for a better Blackberry upgrade when you have the Blackberry Classic. The Smartphone is light years ahead of the best Smartphone in the market today. When you consider many other reasons why the Blackberry Classic Smartphone stands out i.e. it’s excellent keyboard with a sturdy feel, the phone’s robust security, appealing design for Blackberry diehards among many other reasons, it’s easy to see why it’s the best Smartphone upgrade for business people keen on leveraging on the latest Smartphone technology. 

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    Is the Blackberry Classic the smartphone for you?

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