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    iPhone 7 is the new flagship phone from Apple. The new design and colour options are a testament to the quality that Apple strives for with each and every new device. Built with the A10 Fusion chip and the embedded M10 coprocessor, and 64-bit architecture it is the fastest iPhone ever made. You can now multi-task easier than ever before without sacrificing performance and speed. Below are other great reasons to pick up the iPhone 7.

    Colour Options

    Space Grey is no more! Apple has returned Black as a colour option. Apple has also kept the tried and true colours of Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.However if you want something more unique you can go with the NEW Jet Black colour option. This new sleek design was created specifically for the iPhone 7. The Jet Black option takes the black you see on the front of the phone and wraps it completely around the device, check out the design video for the Jet Black option:

    Larger Storage Capacities

    No longer will you have to worry about running out of storage with your new iPhone. The iPhone 7 comes in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB models. Done away are the times when you need to delete pictures or apps to create more storage. This gives you an unparalleled amount of storage to ensure you never have to choose what you keep and what you delete.

    Splash, Water & Dust Resistance

    First the first time ever iPhone 7 is rated with an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. Meaning the phone is completely sealed from dust and other solid materials and has received a rating for liquid immersion to 1 metre for up to 30minutes. This does not mean you can take it swimming, it is more if you drop it in the pool or tub and pick it up quickly as the water pressure is immense. It does however mean if your phone gets splashed with beer or soup it will still function afterwards.

    New Cameras

    A brand new camera on the iPhone 7 ensures your pictures and videos are of the highest quality. The all-new 12MP camera with F/1.8 aperture and a 6-element lens, allows more light into your pictures and allows for a more focused and clear photo. Also new with the iPhone 7 is the Wide Colour capture for photos, live photos and videos, meaning the colours are brighter and more vivid than ever before. New with the iPhone 7 is the Quad-LED True Tone flash, meaning all pictures in low light and skin tone are brighter than ever and look better than on previous iPhones. Also improved on the iPhone 7 camera are: improved noise reduction for videos, improved local tone mapping, hybrid IR filter, auto-focus, and a new auto-image stabilization.

    The all new FaceTime HD Camera now has a 7MP f/2.2 aperture lens with the same Wide Colour lens. Also for the first time ever on the FaceTime it comes wih Auto-Image Stabilization, now you won’t have to worry about shaky hands when FaceTiming with friends or family, or taking that perfect selfie.

    Amazing Display

    The all new iPhone 7 comes with an all new display, featuring the 4.7-inch LED-backlit widescreen next-generation screen with the all new Wide Colour display. The new display comes with improved Multi-Touch, IPS technology and a brand new Taptic Engine making the screen more responsive to your touch commands. Other improvements come with the new Taptic Engine, which works to enhance your experience with 3D Touch. iPhone is still the only device on the market with this kind of display. The new Wide Colour Display of the iPhone 7 means everything that is displayed on your phone is brighter with better colours and looks better than any other iPhone in the past.

    Improved Security

    You should also consider buying the iPhone 7 because of its advanced security features which makes it impossible for anyone else to unlock your phone. The touch ID feature puts security right at your fingertip. The iPhone 7 is one of the few Smartphones to feature such tight security. Apple installed a more improved, highly advanced fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 7 to make unlocking easy but very secure.

    Also with Apple’s iCloud feature you get even more security. In the event your phone is lost or stolen you can track its location with iCloud’s Find My iPhone feature. iCloud also prevents people from accessing and using your phone, when used in conjunction with a fingerprint or passcode. If you phone is lost or stolen and they thief wipes your phone they will not be able to reload the software because iCloud prevents it without your AppleID password. Making iPhone the most secure phone in the world.

    iCloud also periodically backs-up your device to make transferring your information from one Apple device to another incredibly easy. iCloud also allows for you to never loose your information should your phone be lost or stolen, simply enter your AppleID on a new device and your information will download from the iCloud onto your new device.

    Other Device Changes

    Ear-Phone Jack – iPhone 7 and 7+ have seen the removal of the Ear-Phone Jack in favour of Apple’s Lightning Jack. Each new iPhone 7 comes with headphones that plug into the Lighting port as well as an adapter for headphones still using the old style Ear-Phone jack, so you will not have to worry about your favourite headphones working with the iPhone 7.

    Stereo Speakers – Apple has for the first time ever included Stereo speakers with the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 comes with 3 speakers, two in the bottom and one at the top for a more immersible sound experience than every before. Watch your favourite movies on your phone and feel like you are part of the action with the stereo speakers.

    Home Button – The Home-Button on the new iPhone 7+ is no longer a button but rather a touch sensitive plate that works in conjunction with the new Taptic Engine to give it the simulation of pushing a button.


    The iPhone 7 is by far one of the most advanced phones on the market. The new iPhone 7 come built in with the best camera and the fastest processor of any iPhone ever. New to iPhone 7 is the stereo speakers from a more impressive sound experience. And for the first time iPhone 7 is splash, water and dust resistant!

    When you combine the upgraded hardware, better colour options, a better display and camera, more capacity and the water resistance it is easy to see that the iPhone 7 is highly recommended by iPhone fanatics, as well as anyone else looking to get the best phone on the market.

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