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    Apple iPhone 6s: The Best iPhone Yet 


    Contrary to popular belief, not everyone wants a Smartphone with a big screen. If that sounds like you and you want an apple Smartphone, the Apple iPhone 6S is the perfect phone for you. Apple announced very many notable upgrades from improved security to a better and faster processor. The Apple iPhone 6s is smaller than your typical Smartphone but more powerful thanks to its one of a kind A9 chip with a 64 bit architecture embedded M9-motion coprocessor unique to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus only. This feature gives the Apple iPhone 6s unmatched multitasking abilities without compromising on speed/responsiveness. Below are other great reasons why you should consider buying the iPhone 6s once the phone is officially released.

    1. More colour options

    If you’re tired of the standard silver and space grey colours that come with most iPhones as well as plastic iPhone casings, look no further. Apple gives you two more color options with this phone i.e. gold and rose gold. These colour options are reserved for the Apple iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus only. This colour options make the iPhone 6s the most unique and elegant iPhone in regards to colour.

    2. More capacity

    The Apple iPhone 6s also stands out for offering more capacity options. The iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus are the only iPhones which will offer three capacity options i.e. 16GB, 64GB and 128GB options. This capacity is more than enough to store as many pictures and videos as you want. The iPhone 6s will easily double up as a backup for storing important files giving you unmatched access to data wherever you go.

    3. Great rear-facing and front-facing cameras

    The Apple iPhone 6s has the best rear-facing camera of all iPhones i.e. a 12MP isight camera with 1.22 micro pixels and a f/2.2 aperture. The camera has many other impressive features i.e. live photos, improved noise reduction, improved local tone mapping, a backlight illumination sensor, hybrid IR filter, autofocus with focus pixels and automatic image stabilization just to mention a few amazing features. Despite lacking the optical image stabilization feature, the iPhone 6s will still be able to take some of the best Smartphone photos.

    The camera’s video taking capabilities will also be above board i.e. 4K video recording; 3840 x 2160 at 30 fps, time lapse video (with stabilization), cinematic video stabilization, continuous autofocus video, still photo taking capabilities (while recording) and playback zoom features. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are the only iPhones with the playback zoom feature. The phone’s face-time (front facing) camera will be equally impressive when you consider its features i.e. a 5MP camera with a f/2.2 aperture and retina flash.

    4. Amazing display

    The Apple iPhone 6s is also set to have the best iPhone display thanks to its 4.7 inch LED backlit widescreen next generation Multi-touch display (with IPS technology & taptic engine). The Retina HD display will be the only display of its kind with 3D touch. The iPhone 6s Plus will be the only iPhone with a similar display. If you love gaming as well as watching videos using your phone, the iPhone 6s will be a great phone for you. Apple made this phone’s display unmatched by including many other great display features i.e. 1334 by 750 pixel resolution (at 326 ppi), 1400:1 contrast ratio, dual domain pixel (for wider viewing angles). The iPhone 6s also has a fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating which will guarantee a crystal-clear display. This feature will be great for you if you don’t like wiping your phone screen all the time.

    5. Better security

    You should also consider buying the iPhone 6s once it is released because of its advanced security feature which makes it impossible for anyone else to unlock your phone. The touch ID feature puts security right at your fingertip. The iPhone 6s will be one of the few Smartphones to feature such tight security. Apple installed a highly advanced fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 6s to make unlocking easy but very secure.


    The iPhone 6s will easily become one of the best smartphones (if not the best smartphone) in the market upon release. There are very many impressive feature improvements on the phone covering all aspects discussed above and more. Although the iPhone 6s looks very similar to the iPhone 6 in terms of hardware design, there are notable improvements when you dig deeper. For instance, the phone’s enclosure has been upgraded (made using a new alloy; 7000 series aluminum) to make the phone more attractive but durable. When you combine this upgrade with more colour options, a better display, more capacity etc., it’s easy to see why the iPhone 6s comes highly recommended to iPhone fanatics as well as anyone else interested in owning a unique and powerful Smartphone.


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