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Business Call Reporting: Why Tracking and Managing Your Calls Helps Save You Money

You've perhaps heard of business call reporting software and how it helps track and manage business calls, yet you never bothered to investigate which software was the best. While you'll find similar software on the market, there isn't any better company to consider for telecommunications technology than Avaya. They put out a call reporting software that we provide and manage for you here at TELECO™. We have the skills and knowledge to work with other Call Reporting software solutions as well. 

We think this is a perfect combination because we provide the best quality telecommunications equipment in the industry for companies in the Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, Canada region. If you've ever wondered if business call reporting is truly useful with digital phone systems, we want to show you why you'll save exponential money using this solution.

The software encompasses much more than you think it does so you have a thorough picture of how your company manages phone usage. At the same time, business call reporting software helps you identify other problems immediately so you take care of them before they start costing you.

What areas will our business call reporting help you with so you scope out major issues in your company? With the thorough records available, you'll be able to identify problems that go beyond just phone calls.

Eliminating Fraud and Other Call Abuses

One thing you'll be able to check for in your call reports is the origins of calls you receive. Perhaps you've been receiving a number of calls that use toll fraud where you're forced to pay money for calls you didn't want. This is a common phone abuse problem that's possibly happening to many of your employees without you being aware.

When you have a large company to manage, it's not always possible to know about every call coming in on a daily basis. Some of your employees might not even tell you about toll fraud and abuse without you finding it in your call reports.

In addition to eliminating toll fraud, you can also check up on what kind of outbound calls are occurring with employees. Are some of them making calls they shouldn't from your company phone number? If they call long distance secretly, it could rack up major charges you don't want to pay. You can also determine whether some of those calls were for emergencies. As a result, you'll be able to talk to your employees about what they should or shouldn't do with the company phone line.

Determining Employee Productivity

To show you how thorough call reporting is, you'll have enough information to analyze how much productivity each department has with phone calls. If many of your employees do outbound calling for sales purposes, this helps determine who's making the most calls and how successful they are in follow-ups.

It works the same way for all inbound calls and how many customers call you in a day to order products or set appointments for a service you provide. This all helps you plan which employees you want to retain and how you eventually structure each department.

Also keep in mind that if you have a "bring your own device" policy in your workplace, you likely have dozens of smartphones in use by your employees out in the field. You can track all of their calls if they use your company number.

Uses for Your Employees

The beauty of business call reporting software is that it isn't just for your own use. Your employees can use it to their benefit as well. They can track how many business calls they make in a day while differentiating those calls from their personal calls.

This kind of self-management and call awareness helps everyone in the company since it brings more call efficiency so you all save money and time.

Contact us here at Teleco™ to find out more about our call reporting software. Also ask us about our many other telecommunications and digital services available to help your business improve and grow.


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