Replacement Phone Curly Cords

  • Replacement Phone Curly Cords in any colour or length from Teleco in Thunder Bay

    Replacement Phone Curly Cords

    Is your phone crackling?

    It could be your phone cord; however, it could also be the handset itself, a port that the system uses on the phone system, or the phone line itself.

    There is a lot of variety in replacement phone cords and what you need will depend on the age of your phone, the connection points to the handset and the model of the phone, and the colour you need. They range in price and we have a whole shelf of cords.. There are so many colours (white, beige, smokers yellow, charcoal, grey, black) and each phone has their own shade of each colour and lengths.

    It is best if you contact us to determine what is causing a crackling sound in your phone, and if it is the phone cord, we can help you find the one you need.

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