NEC SL 1100 Wireless DECT Handset

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    NEC SL 1100 Wireless DECT Handset

    Wireless DECT Handset: Important Facts and Information


    The wireless DECT handset stands out as one of the best wireless handset in the market today because of many reasons. For instance, the handset is incredibly versatile. You can use the DECT handset for work as well as home applications requiring wireless communication via phone lines minus a cord for connecting the handset & base. This is the basis of the name DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications).

    DECT phones feature superior digital technology that results in clearer sound. DECT phones are also able to give better range (the distance between the base station and phone). The phones also offer a wider frequency range. Traditional cordless phone models utilize analog technology which results in poor sound quality in most cases. With the wireless DECT handset, you never have to worry about poor range and sound quality when utilizing wireless communication via phone lines with a handset that doesn't have a cord connecting it to a base.

    Top features

    1. Backlit keypad/display: The wireless DECT handset features backlit keypad/display (with feature icons) which offers unmatched visibility/usability in all lighting conditions. This feature is very popular since it allows you to use the handset in environments/rooms with dim lighting i.e. restaurants, inventory rooms in business premises, garages etc.

    2. Programmable keys: The DECT handset also features 8 programmable keys (with LEDs) that allow multiple functionalities.

    3. Headset port: The handset also has a headset port that allows hands-free use. You don’t have to hold the handset physically to receive and perform many other communication functions. You can connect a headset to the wireless DECT handset and receive/pick calls hands-free while performing other functions with your hands i.e. working on the computer, driving etc.

    4. Selectable ringtones: The wireless DECT handset also comes with selectable ringtones which allow you to customize ringing to match your exact preferences. This feature also ensures you know which handset is ringing in the case where you have multiple handsets.

    5. Packaging/components: The wireless DECT handset comes with a base station for charging the handset as well as receiving the phone’s signal. The wireless DECT handset is sold as one handset although it is possible to add additional handsets if you like. This makes the handset perfect for homes with large layouts and/or multiple floors as well as offices with many cubicles where there is a need to have access to the same phone system. For homes as well as offices in need of more than one handset, each handset must be set up to allow communication with the same base station. Each handset also comes with its own cradle or charging dock.

    6. Range features/properties: The wireless DECT handset range of use is impressive but depends on a number of factors i.e. handset model. All models are however capable of reaching a range of over 100 meters or 300 feet. Digital technology advancements have allowed DECT handsets to have greater range now more than ever before. It is however important to ensure you place your wireless DECT handset perfectly to maximize on range. For instance, there should be no objects between the handset and base as such objects may disrupt the signal reducing the range.

    7. Wireless capabilities: As mentioned above, the wireless DECT handset also has impressive wireless technology capabilities i.e. the handset can allow different handsets to be connected to the same base station and be used as walkie talkies.

    8. Supporting technology features: The handset also supports VoIP technology which allows for cheaper calling rates. VoIP also allows the wireless DECT handset to remain functional with many new communication platforms.


    The wireless DECT handset comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a wireless digital enhanced cordless phone i.e. a handset requiring wireless communication via phone lines (minus a cord for connecting the handset & base). 

    The handset is perfect for all applications you can think of in an office and home setting. Furthermore, the handset is equipped with superior features lacking in most similar wireless handsets in the market today. 

    For instance, the handset features unmatched wireless and supporting technology features that allow you to use the handset for many other communication applications i.e. as a walkie talkie while reducing costs. 

    Features like the programmable keys and backlit keypad/display give the handset unmatched usability. 

    When you consider other factors i.e. the handset’s reasonable pricing, it’s easy to see why the wireless DECT handset comes highly recommended.

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