NEC SL 1100 Digital 12 or 24 Button Telephone

  • NEC SL 1100 Digital 12 or 24 Button Telephones for Business Landlines
    NEC SL 1100 Digital 12 or 24 Button TelephoneNEC SL 1100 Digital 12 or 24 Button TelephoneNEC SL 1100 Digital 12 or 24 Button TelephoneNEC SL 1100 Digital 12 or 24 Button Telephone

    NEC SL 1100 Digital 12 or 24 Button Telephone

    NEC SL1100 Digital Telephone: The Best Digital Telephone For Small & Medium-sized Businesses 


    The NEC SL1100 digital telephone is undoubtedly one of the most cost effective and powerful office digital telephones in the market today for small and medium-sized businesses. The SL1100 stands out because of many things the most notable being the telephone’s unmatched smart features which make employees more reachable, productive and responsive. When you buy the SL1100, you don’t need to invest in large expensive communication systems or deploy costly data equipment. The NEC SL1100 is very cost effective for small and medium businesses given the telephone’s competitive starting price as well as low-cost terminal range. Below is a more detailed discussion on the telephone’s main features and benefits to help you understand why the SL1100 stands out for small and medium-sized businesses.

    Top features and their benefits

    1. Two telephone versions available i.e. the 12 or 24 key telephone versions available in black or white colors.

    2. Backlit keypad & soft keys: The SL1100 has a backlit keypad that makes keys more visible. The NEC SL1100 also has soft keys for easy and comfortable dialing.

    3. Adjustable angle: This feature makes it possible to place/use the SL1100 perfectly at varying angles matching personal preferences.

    4. Headset port: This feature makes it possible to connect the SL1100 to a headset for hands free use.

    5. Full duplex speakerphone: This SL1100 also has a full duplex speakerphone for unmatched speakerphone reach/audibility.

    6. Personal directory for 20 numbers and a 1000-number system/group directory: This feature allows you to store as well as group as many numbers as possible.

    7. Built-in wall mounting kit: The SL1100 digital telephone comes with a built-in wall mounting kit for easy and safe mounting on walls.

    8. Dual color call indicator lamp: This feature ensures you see all incoming calls in style.

    9. Eight selectable ringtones: You can select different ringtones with the SL1100 (besides the standard office telephone ringtones) making it easier for you to know when your phone is ringing when you are away from your desk.

    10. Power saving mode: The SL1100 also has a power saving mode that makes the telephone one of the most energy efficient office telephones in the market today. You can activate the sleep mode to save power when you are away.

    11. Automated telephone attendant feature: This feature directs incoming calls to their respective destinations eliminating the need for human assistance. In a nutshell, you don’t need to waste money hiring telephone operators when you buy the SL1100. This feature also allows businesses to saves time which would have otherwise been wasted transferring calls manually.

    12. Voicemail with email notification: The SL1100 notifies you via email every time you get a voicemail. As a result, you don’t need to physically access the telephone to listen to voicemail messages left on your office telephone. You get an email every time you have a voicemail. You can also listen to voicemail messages from your inbox.

    13. Mobile extension: This feature allows you to use your mobile phone to stay reachable via your office number. You never have to miss office calls again simply because you are out of the office.

    Benefits in business

    1. Lower costs: The SL1100 is bound to lower costs in your business. As mentioned above, the telephone costs less and has an automated attendant feature that eliminates the need to hire a telephone operator. 

    2. Increased productivity: As mentioned above, the NEC SL1100 digital telephone also increases productivity. This is made possible thanks to the telephone’s time saving and intuitive features which speeds up working processes. The NEC SL1100 has numerous features meant to make employees focus on what matters. Features such as mobile extension ensure employees never miss important calls even if there are out of the office.

    3. Improved customer service: The NEC SL1100 offers unmatched mobility solutions which ensure customers get fast responses from employees in and out of the office. Features such as caller ID allow more personalized service to callers which translates to a better customer service.

    4. Faster decision making: SL1100 features such as a built-in conference bridge offer a more convenient option for holding important telephone meetings with many people.

    5. Scalable solution: The SL1100 is capable of expanding and growing with your business thanks to the options you get with the telephone to add extras i.e. add up to 64 handsets as your business grows.


    The above information summarises the top NEC SL1100 digital telephone features and their benefits as well as what your business stands to gain when you buy the SL1100. Unlike most digital telephones in the market today, the NEC SL1100 has been specially designed to reduce costs, increase productivity as well as improve customer service just to mention a few benefits. When you consider the telephone’s unmatched features and numerous positive customer reviews online, it’s easy to see why the SL1100 digital telephone is the best of its kind in the market today.

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