Plantronics Headsets for Business Phones

Wireless headsets by Plantronics. Get yours from Teleco in Thunder Bay

Easily communicate on the road, mobile device, or just reducing noise in the office. 

You will increase your ability to focus, engage, and work from anywhere with the Plantronics headsets. Founded in 1961, Plantronics is an electronics company specializing in headsets for work and play. The company's headsets are designed for applications, including conference calling, video conferencing, or just listening to music in the office.

Ultimate Connectivity

Plantronics headsets offer a superior mix of performance, comfort, and instant connectivity to phones, tablets, and PCs. Their headsets have extremely responsive capabilities like automatic call answering or caller id announcing.

Superior Sound and Comfort

Excellent sound quality is always standard in any Plantronics headsets. They remove annoying background noise and have accurate triple mics to cancel noise and wind even in difficult noisy business offices. Soft in-ear interface and light weight design creates personalized comfort. This keeps your staff comfortable all day and allows uninterrupted work.


Plantronic headsets include responsive smart sensor technology. This innovative technology can redirect calls to your phone or headset, pause music for new calls, and even answer calls as you put on your headset. Know who is calling you without ever looking down by syncing your contacts to your headset. And voice commands easily manage calls by simply saying “ignore” or “answer”.

Plantronic makes one of the most versatile working headsets. It is specifically for professionals who need to take calls while traveling, or in any busy workplace. Plantronics' extensive product offering suits all business needs and budgets.

See our blog article, 43% boost in productivity with a wireless headset at work.

Visit our Documents' Library for Plantronics User Guides, Setup Guides, and Video Guides.

10 Reasons to Why using a Headset will help your business (Infographic) 10 Reasons to Why using a Headset will help your business (Infographic) (1634 KB)

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