Office Phone System Consultation

Free Consultation and Site-Surveys 

Are you thinking of replacing a legacy phone system or adding to your current phone system? Or starting a new business?

We can provide you a quote on a phone system to fit your budget from as small as 3 phones to larger systems. If you are just curious about the entry level price, you'll find that answer here too. 

Why do we offer free consultations? 

Accurate quotes require site-surveys. We visit your place of business to complete a site-survey as a critical step in determining your needs. We also determine how we would integrate add-ons to a current system (for example cable drops), and what your current and future phone system needs are. We have a step-by-step process to getting this done accurately and providing you with the best results for your business.   

Ryan Johnson Sales Team Leader
Ryan Johnson, one of our sales staff, specializes in business phone systems and cabling for data and voice. 

You may want to learn about the huge changes in phone system features that other businesses are using today.  Remember how great you thought your flip-open cellphone was? Well, that was until your friend showed you how his smartphone helps him at work - he can take photos of jobs, send an email for a reminder to staff, use the calculator to give a rough estimate, and heck even use apps to tell you the length of a room.

We often think what we have been using for years is just fine until we compare it to the ease of use, cost-savings, and efficiency of something new. 

The difference between knowing about today's office phone systems and the latest smartphone is that the people carry their cellphones with them so it's easy to show a friend how great your new phone is. You're friend isn't going to drag you to his or her office to show you the new features of a phone system.  So you are left in the dark not realizing how much more efficient and professional your business can become. 

We can show you the differences a phone system can make to your business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the Deskphones (also called handsets) look like?  

See our Office Phone Systems Catalog to the NEC Deskphones, Avaya Deskphones, Polycom Teleconference Phones, and/or Plantronics Headsets.

Can I try the phones?

Yes, we will set up a demo with the phones and features you are interested in. We have a demonstration room to go over all the details with you before you make a decision about investing in a phone system.  

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How do the new desk phones compare to what I am currently using?

Manufacturers are constantly improving products and software to provide customers with the best looking and best working product so you will see a constant improvement in look and features. However, people also find comfort in using desk phones that are traditional and you will see these models have been kept available for businesses to select. 

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Are the new office phone systems and desk phones easy to use?

Absolutely. As with all new technology the drive is to keep improving and creating products that are easy to use but with enhanced features. Easy to use systems is core focus for manufacturers like NEC and Avaya. You want to have your system set up and working quickly and we understand that. It is one of the main reasons we chose to represent the NEC and Avaya lines. 

We understand how important a smooth transition is to your business so we makes sure to pre-stage phone systems and to train staff for the easiest and quickest change-over.

When you buy a system from Teleco it includes pre-staging: we add the names and numbers to the desk phones, set-up auto-attendants, management software (with Teleco Club), and programming. This happens at our location before we bring the system to your business. The pre-staging helps minimize disruption to your business operations. 

We are experts at installing systems smoothly and quickly. You'll enjoy the experience of dealing with our professional staff.   

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What does call-flow look like?

Call flow simply means what happens when a call goes through to a business. For example, if a call is not answered by the receptionist, then who should the call go to next, and next  . . . and what happens if the third person in the list does not pick up? We can have all lines ring throughout the building, or a call could be sent to voicemail, or any solution that suits your business.

We have a lot of experience drawing out call-flow maps for our customers. We design the system to match what you would like.

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Will my new phone system work with VoIP?

Yes, you can use your phone system with VoIP (Voice Over IP) in the future if you wish. Tbaytel (Teleco is an authorized Tbaytel dealer) is rolling out fiber throughout Thunder Bay over the next five years.  

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How much does a new phone system cost?

New phone systems start at $3500 and we have leasing options with 0% interest on the NEC phone systems. Monthly payments can be as low as $90/month for your new system.

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Can I lease?

Yes, we have leasing options.  

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What is the quality like?

We chose NEC and Avaya because of their reputation for creating good, solid products you can count on. 

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What kind of maintenance package do you have?

We have an addition to the standard manufacturer's warranty called Teleco Club.

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What is the manufacturer's warranty like? What does it include?

The manufacturer's warranty is one year parts and labour. 

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If I need warranty work done, how quickly can Teleco be at my office?

We have one of the largest teams of trained and certified technicians in Thunder Bay giving us the ability to help our customers as quickly as possible.  

If you become a  Teleco Club member, you get priority service.  This means that we are more likely than a smaller company to have someone available to help you as soon as possible.

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Do you do the cabling as well?

We install the low-voltage cabling for your telephone systems.  

We have a system in place for labelling all cables ensuring the quick installation of your phone system saving you time and money. 

We've worked on jobs where another company has done the cabling and nothing is marked or terminated and we have to become sleuths and figure out what each line is for and then terminate the cables. Get it done right the first time in an organized way to avoid future issues. 

We are the only company in Thunder Bay certified with the highly regarded cabling company, Belden. We also deal with an excellent company called CommScope and we have their certifications as well. 

We'd really like to talk to you about your business phone system. Call us at +1 (807) 345-2900 and ask for Ryan or Richard

NEC telephone system
NEC Deskphone with backlit keys. Learn more about the NEC business telephone system
Avaya 9508
Avaya 9508 Premium Deskphone. Learn more about Avaya IP Office.