NEC SL1100 Business Phone System

The Office Phone System for Small Offices

We recommend this system if you need less than 8 phone lines.

NEC SL1100 Business Phone Systems by TELECO Thunder Bay Ontario

NEC SL 1100 Phone System Overview


The NEC SL 1100 phone system is undoubtedly the best phone system for small businesses in the market today. In today’s highly competitive and ever-changing business environment, reliable and effective communication is inevitable for businesses to succeed. Investing in the best phone system must therefore be a priority for all small business owners keen on gaining competitive advantage by utilizing the best and latest communication systems.

This is where the NEC SL 1100 phone system comes in handy. The NEC SL 1100 isn’t your average phone system thanks to its unmatched features and supporting station equipment i.e. DSS consoles, digital DECT handsets etc. which offer countless benefits the most notable revolving around unmatched employee productivity, responsiveness and reachability. Below is a more detailed discussion for more information as to why you should choose the NEC SL 1100 phone system over any other small business phone system in the market today.

Why should you choose the NEC SL 1100 phone system?

1. Unmatched value for money

The NEC SL 1100 is a true definition of unmatched value for money when it comes to buying small business phone systems. The phone system comes with outstanding communication capabilities despite being cheaper than most (if not all) competing small business phone systems.

The NEC SL 1100 also offers unmatched value for money by letting small business owners pay for only what they need with an entirely scalable solution. You don’t need to purchase the entire system at a go. You can buy the telephone and the supporting station equipment you need and purchase other equipment later as your business grows.

The NEC SL 1100 also lowers communication costs by utilizing cost effective technologies which lower calling rates among other communication costs. When you invest in the NEC SL 1100, you aren’t just buying a new phone system. You are investing in a system that will lower your communication costs significantly.

The SL 1100 phone system also offers a wide range of remote and home office options allowing small business owners to lower communication costs further. Considering you can buy the phone system via a 3-year lease at 0% interest, you couldn’t ask for a better small business phone system in regards to value for money.

2. Unmatched usability

You should also consider buying the NEC SL 1100 since it’s among the most usable small business phone systems in the market today. The NEC SL 1100 has intuitive features which can be used by anyone without the need for training. Your employees don’t need to be tech savvy to utilize the SL 1100 effectively. This has been attested in very many online customer reviews about the phone system. Furthermore, they system has very many shortcuts (which improve usability) as well as time saving apps that empower employees to become more productive. Considering you and your employees can get free training when you buy the NEC SL 1100, the phone system is unmatched in regards to usability.

3. Uninterrupted reachability/connectivity

The NEC SL 1100 phone system also has great features and supporting equipment i.e. DECT wireless communications and mobile extension connectivity that maximize reachability from any location in and out of your business premises. The phone system’s mobile extension connectivity feature makes employees reachable via their office number even when they are away from the office. DECT wireless communications maximizes connectivity within business premises. Features such as built-in conferencing make it possible to conduct business effectively (by connecting all business stakeholders) without having to incur expensive travel costs. The NEC SL 1100 also has voice mail features that ensure you and your employees never miss important messages when you are physically absent from the office.

4. Improved efficiency and productivity

The success of small businesses is highly pegged on the efficiency and productivity of employees. If you’re keen on improving your employees’ performance, you should really consider buying the NEC SL 1100 phone system. Thanks to SL desktop suite intuitive applications, the SL 1100 phone system is able to offer integrated unified communication solutions which enhance a business’s productivity and collaboration.

For instance, the phone system gives you access to apps that allow employees to manage communication from their desktop PC’s. Apps such as the SL Desktop client allow employees to dial, manage calls as well as look up contacts from their computers. The app also integrates with Microsoft Office Outlook contacts offering click-to-dial functionality within emails allowing more time-saving benefits.

The NEC SL 1100 also comes with other great apps for improving efficiency and productivity i.e. the SL Desktop Softphone app, a portable telephony app, which gives the phone system the functionalities of a laptop from any location. This feature is great for small businesses with many remote and/or mobile workers.

The NEC SL 1100 also integrates with 3rd party customer relationship management systems allowing employees to offer better customer service i.e. by reviewing client information before picking calls. In fact, the SL Desktop Suite integrates with all major CRM systems including browser based CRM systems.

5. Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Handling incoming calls has never been easier thanks to the SL 1100’s automatic call distribution feature. The ACD feature eliminates the need to hire a telephone operator by routing callers based on pre-established criteria. This feature is foreign in many small business phone systems but not with the NEC SL 1100. ACD is perfect for businesses which receive many calls from callers who don’t need to talk to any specific person but require assistance from multiple persons as fast as possible. ACD also helps in engaging callers i.e. with important announcement messages as they wait to be served. Call distribution has never been easier and more effective!


The above information summarizes the most important reasons for buying the NEC SL 1100 phone system for your small business. Small businesses face many challenges the most notable revolving around communication. From the above information, the NEC SL 1100 phone system tackles all small business communication problems perfectly. First and foremost, the phone system is reasonably priced on top of being leasable for 3 years at 0% interest. This simply means you can buy the phone system for less than $100 per month. The NEC SL 1100 clearly offers better value for money, improves business efficiency and productivity, offers uninterrupted reachability/connectivity, unmatched usability as well as many other benefits and features such as automatic call distribution. In a nutshell, the NEC SL 1100 phone system comes highly recommended for small businesses looking for a cost effective phone systems with unmatched benefits.

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NEC SL 1100 Telephones

NEC SL 1100 Telephones

This a "system-in-box" for small offices needing 8 or less phone lines. Valuable core features and affordable.