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Avaya IP Office Release 9.1 now available

Avaya IP Office Release 9.1 now available

Team Teleco - Thursday, June 25, 2015

Avaya IP Office Release 9.1 now available!

Avaya continues to improve the Avaya IP Office Platform. Release 9.1 is the most scalable, resilient, powerful, and simplest to use & administer ever produced. Below are some of the enhancements.

Introducing IP Office Select

Avaya IP Office Select offers a unique combination of premium collaboration capabilities, enterprise-grade scale, resiliency, and security, with the simplicity and value of Avaya IP Office.  IP Office Select helps upper midsize businesses achieve their enterprise-like team and customer engagement aspirations with the simplicity and affordability required by their IT staff and budgets.

  • Unparalleled scale – up to 3,000 (as of 9.1.2) users on a single-site server or across 150 locations – all of which can have simultaneous access to full UC capabilities 
  • Flexible resiliency options including selective failover and support for VMware High Availability 
  • Communications security measures including embedded encryption of signaling and voice traffic 
  • Integration with industry-standard LDAP directories including Microsoft Active Directory  

Additional enhancements across IP Office 

New Web Collaboration 

  • Integrated solution supporting application, document, and screen sharing as well as white boarding 
  • Co-resides on the IP Office Select and Server Edition primary server, with an optional external server for additional scale and for Preferred Edition 
  • Scheduling of audio and web collaboration meetings means ports are available when you need them  

Simplified Administration 

  • Web Manager gets even more capabilities for more consistency and simplicity 
  • End-user self-administration makes minor changes easier and faster for everyone 

General Enhancements 

  • Even better security policies and more encryption 
  • Enterprise branch improvements make IP Office an even better option for larger opportunities 
  • Voice quality monitoring provides more robust troubleshooting capabilities