Protect your Business Phone System—buy from an Authorized Dealer

Office phone systems and the importance of buying from an Authorized Avaya Dealer like Teleco

Protect your Business Phone System—buy from an Authorized Dealer

As an Authorized Avaya dealer we have invested in Avaya to become certified and trained by Avaya to sell and service their product.

Why buy from an Authorized Avaya Dealer?

The process to become an authorized dealer is intensive which allows Avaya to feel confident that the dealers they choose are qualified and trustworthy and TELECO™ is pleased to be one of these qualified dealers. 

Avaya products represented as new or unused and offered for resale by unauthorized resellers are grey market. 

These products are not warrantied or supported by Avaya. Avaya further defines these products as used and not new because of product tampering, conversion and original serial number removed. 

Grey market product is often: 

  • tampered international versions that are not approved
  • Used product misrepresented as new 
  • Stolen equipment
  • Equipment with the original Avaya service number removed and replaced with a counterfeit number

Avaya provides no manufacturer warranty or support for grey market products. 

These outdated and possibly tampered with products may result in service issues and interruptions that could negatively impact your telecommunication system and business. 

In addition to the support from Avaya there are other benefits from dealing with an Authorized dealer. 

At TELECO™ we have invested in our employees to take the required Avaya training and certification for sales, design, installation and service support. 

This expertise, as well as, 30 years of experience in the industry allow us to deliver world-class communication solutions for your business with local reliable service. 

To speak to one of our Account Manager experts in Avaya solutions please call +1 (807) 345-2900.

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TELECO is an Avaya Silver Partner and Authorized Dealer


Why buy from an Authorized Avaya Dealer

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