The Importance of Business Phone System Maintenance

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The Importance of Business Phone System Maintenance

Business phone maintenance is as important as what you buy in business phone technology. While you're guaranteed to stay competitive with new and innovative telecommunications tools, it's only as good as how well you use it and maintain it. We provide the best of these worlds here at TELECO™ where we're there to make sure the technology we provide always works well so you never have downtime. At the same time, you're given media tools to help give instant support for you and your employees.

First, we should define exactly how important maintenance really is on your phones. When you realize how severe downtime is after things go awry, you'll appreciate a company looking out for your technology working properly at all times.

Maintenance Without Being Obstructive

We consider maintenance as a method of keeping a business afloat without necessarily getting in the way. It once was that in-house IT teams got paid to maintain all the technology in company. This sometimes meant taking over the entire office in order to conduct repairs.

In turn, this only led to downtime because either the phone systems or the computers were in repair for hours. Since then, however, the cloud opened the road to remote assistance on maintenance. This sometimes allows for technical assistance without you even knowing it's there. For instance, you can have continual monitoring and quicker fixes if you choose to have your business phone system's health monitored through our Avaya software.

We provide the same kind of maintenance with all of your business phone systems you buy through us. With a more competitive business world, you can't afford to have downtime due to technical issues or employee confusion.

You'll discover that our brand of maintenance works fast and gives quick-help support and guides to get you through any issue in no time.

Product Guides

Remember back in the days when you had to file away a paper manual for every tech device you bought for your business or private use? Most likely, when you needed that manual to look up a specific feature months later, you realized you misplaced the manual. You've perhaps experienced this recently after buying digital phone systems through other companies.

Through us, you have all your product guides available on our website for easy reference. This kind of self-maintenance is sometimes preferred by many companies so they can save time on phone calls or Internet communications.

You'll find our quick guides and product manuals easy to read and use for all digital phones, IP phones, conference phones, and headsets.

How-To Videos

Because we're living in such a visual culture, how-to videos frequently help more in the way of maintenance. This is especially true when your employees are in a hurry and need visualization on how to do one procedure. In our videos, you'll have clear and concise how-to vids that tell you how to record a voicemail message, or how to log in to your phone system manager.

Most of these videos only run about a minute and a half with clear visual instructions.

We also have support videos that show more extensive procedures you need to know for fast learning and efficiency.

Landline Support

When you need to reach us by phone in order to have a major problem addressed, we're available around the clock. You'll have an emergency number to call at all times when something goes wrong. Response time is also quick, which is something you can't always expect with other digital phone services.

Other aspects to our maintenance include providing in-person training for small groups of your employees at a time so learning becomes hands-on. Our maintenance contracts don't expire quickly either, and you're guaranteed a full year of service with affordable extensions.

Contact us here at TELECO™ to find out more about how seriously we take maintenance on your phone systems so you'll never have to think of downtime again.


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