Business Phone Systems to keep you competitive

A meeting about the kind of phone systems that allow you to stay competitive

Business Phone Systems to keep you competitive

Finding the right business phone systems today is essentially creating the backbone of how efficient your business operates in a highly competitive world. There isn't any question that the world of business is increasingly more competitive now due to the demand of customers in wanting better service and more personalization.

For your employees, it's no different when the trend is consistently leaning toward a more mobile culture and working outside of the office. As for yourself, you perhaps have to travel often in order to make business deals, which makes it impossible to always meet with your employees.

Universal telecommunications is vastly important when the above converges. It becomes even more essential when you're working on a business project that has a time limit. With your competitors possibly beating you to the punch, you all need to get on the same page quickly, despite everyone being in separate cities for business trips.

It's here where you need a reliable provider giving you all the telecommunications technology you need. Yes, reliability is just as important in your provider since it's as bad as having no communication available at all when you have call dropouts or video freezes.

Here at TELECO™, we're there for you as one of the most reliable business phone system providers in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

What kind of phone systems do you need to truly stay competitive today? The traditional landline phone isn't dead yet with some evolutionary changes that now make it a powerful business communication tool.

The Best Wireless Devices

We provide the best wireless phones available on the market while also making sure you easily transition all data from your old phones to your new ones. You already know you can't conduct business and stay connected without having mobile devices. The only concern you likely have is changing to something new that saves you money and adds more features than you had before.

When you buy your wireless devices from us, we make sure that tools like email are easily set up for you in a short time. 

Evolving the Landline Phone

Many companies still prefer using landline phones in their main offices. Even when they do, they soon realize how far landline technology has gone. If you prefer a traditional or IP PBX system, we have it for you in ways to save you maximum money. This works through a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution that places your entire phone system into the cloud.

With VoIP, you take customer service to a new level since all data gets stored in the cloud for easy retrieval anywhere. You also get myriad features that connect you and your employees in ways you couldn't do before through a regular phone company. VoIP even costs less so you eliminate extra phone company fees.

VoIP needs a solid, reliable, and extremely fast Internet connection, like a commercial T1 line. Otherwise, you'll have issues with your telephone at peak traffic times -- like after school when you are sharing bandwidth with others. We recommend VoIP selectively to customers under certain optimal conditions. We are trained and ready to roll our VoIP solutions so call us if you are interested in VoIP -- even if you simply want to discuss the technology.

Video Conferencing

This technology is a must if you need visuals in order to do online conferences on a business, education, or health care project. While voice conferencing works great when discussing non-visual ideas, many business projects require charts and other visual aids when you're creating a tangible item.

We provide solutions from Avaya Scopia Radvision, a company providing the best video conferencing technology on the market. As a hosted solution, it's worth the investment. Or our available boardroom as an option for those who would like to rent boardroom space and try a solution like video conferencing. The latter is a professional environment available for any type of international video conference.

Contact us here at TELECO™ to find out more about the essentials you need in business phone systems in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

All of these tools combined will put you in the game and ahead of the herd.


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