What is LTE?

LTE Long Term Evolution

What is LTE?

What is LTE?

LTE, or Long Term Evolution, is the newest standard in the evolution of wireless communications technology. Designed to support data access via smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices, LTE is an exceptionally powerful, yet easily deployable, network technology offering high speeds and low latencies over long distances.

Why Tbaytel LTE?

Tbaytel understands that the needs of our customers are constantly changing and to keep up with the growing demand for mobile data services, we’re evolving our technology to meet those needs. LTE is quickly becoming the preferred mobile broadband platform, easily connecting customers and keeping them up to speed with life on the go.

What will Tbaytel LTE mean for me?

In addition to faster download and upload rates, there are several benefits to LTE including reduced latency, which is the slight lag or buffering time you may experience when using your mobile device. LTE provides the benefits of being able to use more bandwidth, allowing you to do more from your wireless device that you would typically do from your home or office, such as:

  • Streaming media and video
  • Accessing cloud services
  • Video conferencing in real time
  • Instantaneous song and app downloading

How fast is LTE?

In a word? Fast.

LTE speeds can be up to ten times faster than traditional 3G technology, providing an exceptional user experience. LTE networks process data faster than ever before, improving your browsing and online experience so simple tasks like sending emails, downloading attachments or apps and streaming video are performed in next to no time at all.

Will LTE affect Tbaytel’s existing cellular network?

Tbaytel’s LTE network is designed to support increasing customer demand for mobile data use. The LTE network will work in tandem with Tbaytel’s 4G HSPA network, which delivers both mobile voice and data services and is the largest of its kind in Northern Ontario.

Tbaytel’s LTE network will also accommodate the heavy data demand placed on the HSPA network, providing the best of both worlds with a consistent and reliable mobile experience for users on both networks. That means that even when you’re outside Tbaytel’s LTE network, you will still have access to a 4G wireless network with world-class performance in reliability and coverage.

When will LTE be available?

Tbaytel LTE will be available for customers in the Thunder Bay area starting in March 2015 with plans for expansion to the Dryden, Fort Frances and Kenora areas throughout 2015.

If you are a Tbaytel customer living outside these areas, you can still take advantage of Tbaytel’s LTE network when you travel. An LTE SIM card will also allow you to enjoy all the benefits of LTE when roaming on the Rogers network. Existing customers with LTE capable devices can sign up to order an LTE SIM card ahead of the arrival of LTE.

When will LTE be available for new Tbaytel Mobility customers?

New customers in the Thunder Bay area will have LTE starting in March 2015 with new regional customers following in April 2015.

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