Sales Consultant (part-time)

Job Posted on: April 17, 2017
Direct Resumes to: Robert Jankovic, Wireless Division Manager
Resume Formats: PDF, Word,  Apple Pages, or drop off a resume with our staff. 

Job Summary

To provide an excellent customer experience that is unique to each customer and to understand all aspects regarding the sales and servicing of wireless products.

Picture of happy young employees in Thunder Bay at Teleco 

Location of Employement : Teleco's Wireless Division, 601 Central Avenue, Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

Key Accountabilities and major Job Functions 

  • Comprehensive understanding and modelling of Key Performance Indicators including “The Teleco Way”, and Teleco Standards and being able to relay these key functions to other members of the team
  • Keep the retail area clean, fully stocked, and merchandised to its full potential (ex. no empty accessory hooks, phone holders, price cards, collateral, etc.)
  • Participate in the rotation of customer service with rest of retail sales team (i.e., servicing walk-in traffic)
  • Send customer’s devices to repair facilities for warranty and out-of-warranty work when needed and set them up with a courtesy phone to use in the interim period while abiding by Teleco policies and procedures over this process
  • Participate in sales and general team meetings along with being a part of the wireless training committee
  • Maintain a positive attitude about the work environment and the company
  • Show respect towards everybody, including both employees and management, at all times

Qualifications/ Requirement:

  • Ability to apply subject matter knowledge to resolve general support issues
  • Strong team player and works well in group environments
  • Knowledge and excitement pertaining to wireless products and services
  • Ability to listen and communicate with both technical and non-technical persons
  • Act as a leader by providing information, acting as a role model, and supporting all team members


Performance Expectations/ Job Objectives:

  • To provide an excellent customer experience at all times
  • To complete the required amount of work on a daily basis
  • To master the skills and obtain the knowledge necessary to complete your work
  • To anticipate problems and suggest ways to improve efficiencies within the company
  • To assist with tasks when asked by management

Core Competencies:

  • Self-motivated
  • Team player
  • Adaptable
  • Respectful
  • Trustworthy

About Working at Teleco

Teleco is committed to excellence in the customer experience we provide and the communications products we sell. Teleco has a Landline Division and a Wireless Division. Landline Division Employees and Wireless Division Employees have moved on to different and rewarding careers within the company and between divisions. Teleco, started by Frank Littlefield, is a company that can provide you with growth and learning opportunities.  

Our Values

  • We are entrepreneurial in spirit and many of our best ideas come from our employees
  • We believe the internal customer experience is as important as the external customer experience and hold each to high standards
  • We foster a family atmosphere
  • We believe everyone plays a crucial role in the success of Teleco
  • We support our professions and our communities
  • We believe having fun is important
  • We believe there is always room to improve and we challenge each of our employees to find ways to do so

Our Culture

At Teleco, we don't just work together, we play together. Our family atmosphere is based on friendships built through the workplace. A friendly, professional atmosphere is our goal and our commitment. We have employee-run social events as well as company-organized team building events and many of our employees enjoy spending time together outside of the workplace too.

Rewards of Working at Teleco 

  • Wireless Voice & Data Plan. Most of our employees receive a voice & data plan as part of the employee agreement with Teleco. We believe it is important to use the products and services we sell.
  • Incentive Programs. Our sales teams frequently have the opportunity to participate in incentive programs that go above and beyond Teleco's regular compensation plans.
  • Professional Development. Enhance your skills through continued education and training courses (financial assistance provided by Teleco).
  • Special Employee Discounts. These discounts are only available to our employees on hardware & accessories in one of the most exciting industries.