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Health and Safety for our Team

Health and Safety at TELECO Thunder Bay, Ontario

The health and safety of our employees is important and we are committed to a goal of zero injuries and illnesses. 

In all situations, priority is given to protecting our employees and our visitors from illness, injury and risk, and preserving materials, assets, and the environment against the risk of fire, damage and other loses. By working together collaboratively, and giving the most careful attention to the management of health and safety, we will meet our shared objectives of a healthier and safer working environment. 

Managers are accountable for maintaining a working environment as free as possible from actual and potential hazards and for ensuring the security of all. Each employee is responsible for working in a safe and healthy manner, reporting all sub-standard and/or unhealthy conditions, and is encouraged to adopt a safe and healthy lifestyle on and off the job. 

At TELECO all of our employees receive the appropriate training they need. 

This includes but is not limited to: 

  • First Aid Training 
  • POST Training (Petroleum Orientated Safety Training) 
  • Fall Protection 
  • Lift / Platform Training
  • Working at Heights Training 
  • Asbestos Training 
  • Worker Health and Safety Training 
  • WHMIS Training 
  • Safe Operating Procedure Training 

As our technicians are always working in a customer environment that is changing daily they complete job-site hazard checklists before starting any work/service order. 

We are an organization whose mission is to make an effective contribution to workplace health and safety, and it is important for all of us to value this policy and honour its commitment. 

We want TELECO™ Landline to stand out in our community as an example of excellence in Health and Safety to our staff and also to those we serve.

For more information about health and safety, see Parachute - The Cost of Injury Report for Canada. Parachute is a national charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries.