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Environmental and Social Initiatives of Teleco

Teleco™ is a professional and forward thinking company, aware of the impact upon society and the environment that arises through the provision of our services.  We work within a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework and realize the need for accountability for the social, economic and environmental impact of our operations.

The General Manager and Senior Management have full responsibility for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy and its implementation.

Our commitment is reflected in the following policies

  • Environment Business Ethics Workforce 
  • Developing a safe and desirable place to work for our employees. 
  • Equal Opportunities  
  • Suppliers Community and Charity – Positively impacting society as a whole and supporting the communities where we are located. 
  • Our Offices and Client Properties:
 Electricity Use, Water Use
, Low Waste Strategy
, and Transport.


We are committed to sustainability and energy management and recognize that our activities can and do impact on the environment. 

We seek to work within guidelines and standards of environmental care. Currently 100 percent of our paper packaging is derived from recycled material and we have eliminated plastic bags in our retail showrooms. We also email invoices to clients instead of printing and mailing an invoice, however, will print and mail at the request of our clients. 

At our Landline Division office we also participate in the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program (http://ontarioelectronicstewardship.ca) recycling old phones, phone systems and other telephony equipment. By recycling these products we are helping to: 

  • Keep end-of-life electronics out of landfills 
  • Prevent them from being illegally exported or handled by irresponsible recyclers 
  • Help to recover and recycle valuable resources that can be put back into the manufacturing supply chain. 

Business Ethics 

Teleco™ is committed to rigorous professional and ethical standards.  Honesty and integrity are paramount to our business. 


We believe in team support and working relationships. The health and safety of all staff is taken very seriously. 

Equality Policy

Teleco™ is committed to provide equality in employment regardless of age, sex, disability, colour, marital status, race, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnic or national origin. Career opportunities are judged on merit. We adhere strictly to these policies and look to our employees to do likewise.  Any act that may result in harassment or discrimination is viewed extremely seriously and will constitute a serious disciplinary offence. 


We encourage our suppliers to adopt responsible sustainable practices for the mutual benefit of the environment. Avaya is committed to leaving the environment the same or better. As a leading global provider of communication solutions, Avaya is proud to help our customers reduce harmful impacts on the environment by curtailing energy consumption, travelling less and minimizing electronic water though BYOD (bring your own device technologies). 

Initiatives include placing of orders by email and electronic payment of bills to reduce paper use. 

Community and Charity 

TELECO Thunder Bay Volunteering in our Community

Penny and Keri on one of our volunteer projects.

At Teleco™ we try to be a good corporate citizen.  We are a Platinum member of the United Way and have been a member since 1992. As a platinum member 90% of employees contribute with an average gift of $130 per donor. 

United Way Thunder Bay Employee Campaign

For over 10 years, our Teleco family sponsors a local family for Christmas through the Christmas Sponsor Family program with The Children’s Aid Society of Thunder Bay. We enjoy picking out and wrapping special items for a deserving family.  

Christmas Cheer Fund Thunder Bay Ontario at TELECO

We are proud to also sponsor many local children with their sporting events like hockey, soccer, swimming and golf that encourages physical activity and positive individual and community growth. 

Our Offices—Teleco fully endorses the need to help, protect and sustain the local, national and global environment. 

We are continually looking for new opportunities to further diminish our carbon footprint. By working together as a team, with support from our customers, we aim to foster the need to work within environmentally friendly policies to help the environment.  Energy saving is an important CSR issue and staff are encouraged to take steps to reduce the consumption of energy, water and waste.

Our initiatives include:

Electricity Use

To reduce our electricity usage we promote the following action: 

  • Switching off monitors and hard drives, photocopiers and printers at night and weekends. 
  • Electronic equipment is not to be held on standby. 
  • Lighting in our offices and common parts is switched off during the day as appropriate, each night and weekends. 

All our printers and photocopiers have enabled energy saving features so they power down during out of office hours. 

Our office workstations have been positioned to maximize the use of natural light whilst minimizing glare to computer screens through the use of window blinds and modern efficient overhead lighting. Low Waste Strategy Teleco encourages all staff to keep waste to a minimum and to re-use or re-cycle.  

Initiatives include: 

  • Staff are encouraged to correspond by email and to print on scrap paper and to print double sided where appropriate. 
  • The re-cycling of garbage, paper, plastics and glass. 
  • Electronic transfer of data, including the paying of supplier bills and the placing of orders by email. 
  • The purchasing of products that contain packaging that can be easily recycled.

In respect of the recycling of office furniture, old computers etc., we contact voluntary organizations to see if they wish to collect these products for re-use.