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Teleco Landline - About Us

Teleco has been in business since 1985. We have been offering telecommunication products and services for the past 30 years in Thunder Bay and neighbouring environs gaining a solid reputation and unmatched experience in the process. Furthermore, most of our staff have been with us for over 10 years. In fact, we have staff who have been with us from the start. Considering the fact that experience is key in our industry, there’s no doubt that we are among the best (if not the best) in that regard.

What we can do for you: The products and services we offer

We offer a variety of telecommunication products and services which offer small and medium sized businesses great solutions and benefits. Some of our main products/services include:

1. Business phone systems

Teleco sells some of the most advanced business phone systems that come with a variety of benefits. If your business needs a phone system upgrade look no further. You might not even realize that you need a new business phone system but the truth is; you need one. For instance, if you still miss important office calls when you are out of the office, you need to upgrade your phone system ASAP!

Our business phone systems ensure you never miss calls again regardless of your location while keeping your personal cell number private. Our phone systems also eliminate the need for a receptionist which attracts great savings. You also get to enjoy great features such as voicemail to email, video conferencing, call reporting and call accounting when you install our advanced business phone systems.

2. Data cabling

Teleco Landline also offers data cabling products and services. The importance of having quality cabling can’t be overlooked since broken or pinched cabling can paralyze communication in your business translating to huge losses in missed business opportunities.

It’s also important for the cabling to be installed by true data cabling professionals like us. We work with certified data cabling vendors like Belden who are certified IBDN system vendors capable of designing, installing and maintaining all Belden products and systems among many other telecommunication products/systems on top of offering networking warranties.

Besides, we have highly trained and experienced data cabling professionals capable of handling any data cabling task you can think off. As a result, you don’t have to worry about signal losses among many other problems associated with poor data cabling.

3. Network solutions

Are you looking for a network contractor to handle all your IT needs i.e. manage your entire network (servers and computers)? If yes, look no further. We have the expertise and necessary partnerships with vendors such as Commscope Systimax capable of helping you solve all your network problems.

4. Public address systems

We also sell and install public address systems ideal for businesses with factory-like settings. Communication with ground staff has never been faster, easier and more effective with a public address system.

5. Consulting

Teleco also offers consulting services as a means of helping businesses solve a variety of problems that hinder growth. If you don’t know what’s holding back your business in regard to telecommunications or networked information technology systems, Teleco is here to help.

6. Maintenance services

We also offer maintenance contracts which cater to all your telecommunication maintenance needs. Your entire telecommunication infrastructure requires regular maintenance to work effectively 24/7. Entrust experts like us to take care of all your telecommunication maintenance needs.

Our strengths

We have many strengths which set us apart from our competition. Our most notable strengths include:

1. We have established a strong relationship with premier vendors

Teleco works with some of the most premier telecommunication vendors globally such as Avaya which is globally recognized as the #1 telephony systems, contact centre, SME technology, Unified Messaging and voice maintenance services Company. We have also partnered with NEC, Tbaytel, Commscope, Belden, Plantronics and Polycom to ensure we offer the best telecommunication products and services possible.

2. We are a one-stop shop

We offer all IT products and services imaginable from phone systems to consulting services. When you choose us, you don’t need to go to any other company for all your telco product and service needs.

3. We have a strong brand recognition

Teleco has established an unmatched reputation in Thunder Bay. Our brand is the strongest in Thunder Bay.

4. We are strategic dealers with many renowned telecommunication companies

Teleco works with companies like Telesat, MTS and TELUS making it easy for our clients to enjoy superior products and services from our strategic partners.

5. Our staff are highly trained and skilled

Teleco is home to the most experienced and skilled telecommunication professionals in Thunder Bay and Ontario, Canada at large. Over the 30+ years we have been in business, we have managed to attract and keep the best talent in the industry. We also make an effort to continuously train our staff to keep them competitive in all aspects of the business.

6. Our customer satisfaction is unmatched

Teleco is a customer-focused company. We are known and trusted which explains why most of our business comes from repeat clients and referrals.

7. We always strive to improve

We are constantly involved in certified training, spot checks, leadership meetings, health and safety as well as mentorship programs for our clients and staff all in an effort to keep improving our products and services.

8. Our products and services are guaranteed

Teleco sells products that come with warranties. You are therefore assured of the highest quality products at all times. Our services are also guaranteed. We offer repairs and unbeatable maintenance contracts, namely Teleco Club,  ensuring you get unmatched value for money.

9. We offer unmatched customer support

We also have a team of dedicated on-call service staff ready to assist you in anyway at anytime, day and night.

10. We take part in noble causes

Teleco isn’t just about business. We care about the environment and community which is why we take part in noble causes such as recycling initiatives. Teleco recycles old equipment. Teleco also makes an effort to sell ''green'' telecommunication products i.e. the Avaya IP Office which consumes the lowest energy of all telephone systems in the industry.