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IT and Networking Services from Teleco: Connecting with Customers in New Ways

It's not always possible to find IT & networking services all through one provider, especially when that provider also offers essential digital phone systems. The worlds of IT, networking, and phones all go together and work in tandem. Here at Teleco™, we knew that consolidating these elements into one company was an easier way for businesses to make smarter decisions on bringing more office efficiency.

What businesses really appreciate is expanding these services into the realm of wireless technology. As a result, a company can work out of the office and still stay connected every minute.

This kind of unified telecommunications solution depends on IT functions and superior networking capability. We've made this possible thanks to our association with Avaya, one of the leading names in unified communications technology.

As part of an IT and networking plan, they provide superior equipment and services that help you stay connected with both your employees and customers. When you can bring better connectivity to both, you position yourself as a real business player in the game of competition.

Unifying Your Communications

Avaya has some amazing communications products we'll provide and help manage for you as part of your IT infrastructure. This includes various types of phones for your office that bring dozens of different features so your company operates more professionally.

Some of these phones include conference phones that allow you to do voice conferencing at the touch of a button. These are extremely lightweight and wireless. With omnidirectional microphones embedded, you can set these conference phones anywhere and get heard with clear sound on the other end. It's also vice versa so you never have to struggle to hear someone.

With Avaya's one-X mobile technology, you'll get the same kind of communications features on mobile as you'd find on your desktops. This is important as you travel the world for business meetings and can't take time to meet with your employees in person.

An important part of that IT infrastructure is video conferencing, which is an essential tool when you need to present visuals during a business meeting. You'll find Avaya's video conferencing technology extremely rewarding, affordable, and easy to use. They provide desktop and mobile applications for this use, plus larger setups for more elaborate conferences. This includes providing big-screen monitors for those times when you need to present more detail of a product you're developing.

What you'll additionally appreciate about Avaya is their attention to the basic things like desk phones. Landline phones are still preferred by some companies, though you'll experience an entire new level in how they're used, including with VoIP.

All of this gets managed for you by us as part of an effective IT management service.

Networking and the Cloud

We take networking seriously since network quality matters in how successful each voice or video conference performs. This takes quality tools like LAN controllers for better connectivity of your mobile devices. These work great when you have a "bring your own device" policy in your workplace.

Plus, routers are essential for reliable Wi-Fi, and Avaya provides what you need, including for ethernet connections. Since the main concern on routers and Wi-Fi is always security, you're assured the routers from Avaya have security in mind with the best encryption methods.

As part of your networking, you'll find that Avaya even provides superior cloud services. VoIP operates entirely in the cloud where your phone data gets stored. The cloud is also the backbone of how you video conference where access to data is easily done anywhere you have an Internet connection.

You can consolidate all of your conferencing with the cloud, including customer experience management software for the ultimate engagement with your customers on a more personal level.

Contact us here at Teleco™ to find out more about how wide-ranging our IT and networking services are and why Avaya is a name you can trust.


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