What are the roaming rates when traveling?

QWhat are the roaming rates when traveling?

Use Tbaytel's Roaming Rate Calculator to find out the rates for roaming without a U.S. Travel Saver or International Travel Saver Plan. It is very expensive to use your phone while travelling. We always recommend talking to us about getting a travel saver or travel bundle plan for while you are away. 

Tbaytel's Roaming Rate Calculator calculator shows you the zone you are travelling to as well. You need to know that to choose the Travel Saver plan when travelling because the zone affects the rates you can be charged.

We have several plans to save you money while travelling.

Since many of you travel frequently to the United States, which is zone 2, we have a plan for that.  It is called the U.S. Travel Bundle and Travel Saver option for travelling to the United States.



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