How do I add-on a U.S. or International Travel Savers Plan?

QHow do I add-on a U.S. or International Travel Savers Plan?

Adding a U.S. Travel Savers is a little different than adding an International Travel Savers. 

You can add U.S. Travel Savers package by visiting Teleco in person, or by calling Tbaytel Customer Care at +1 (807) 623-4400.

Make sure we know if you want a Travel Savers for a month, or added indefinitely to your plan. 

The only way to add an International Travel Saver package is by calling Tbaytel Customer Care at +1 (807) 623-4400 or Toll Free at +1 (800) 264-9501. Unfortunately, you cannot visit or call Teleco™ to have this done. The change can only be made by calling Tbaytel Customer Care.

Please note: Only Account Holders and Authorized Users can add Travel Savers. Authorized Users are people who the Account Holder has given formal permission with us to make changes to the account. 

Business Account changes can only be done by the people with signing authority/agent authorization on an account.

Learn more about U.S. Travel Savers and/or Bundles or  International Travel Savers and see the Terms and Conditions found at the bottom of the Travel Savers webpage. 

Contact us if you need more information. We want to help.

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